Opening a Savings Account with BDO

The customer is QUEEN. Since my online shop is catering to moms who are probably as busy as I am, I try my best to accommodate all their requests. Previously, payment methods through my site only include the following: BPI, Gcash and PayPal. Recently, someone requested if I can accept BDO payments. I've been putting it off but since a lot of customers have been requesting it already, I decided to go out and open one.

1. For convenience, make sure that you bring the following requirements:
  • 2 pcs 1x1 ID pictures
  • 2 government-issued IDs (I provided them my license and company ID, but it's best to bring 2 government-issued ones)
  • Proof of billing (just in case the bank employee asks for it)
  • Initial deposit: Php2,000 for Savings Account with ATM or Php5,000 for Savings Account with ATM and Passbook
2. Head on over to your nearest BDO branch with these requirements. You can proceed to the desks on the side where they accept new accounts.

3. They will give you forms to fill up. Fill them in with your information and signatures. Give these and all the requirements to the one assisting you.

4. Wait for 5 days for your ATM to be released. They will give you a slip containing your account number. You can already accept deposits at this stage.

5. After 5 days, claim your ATM card and you can also already enroll your account online.

Ta-da! This process took me only 30 minutes. It's a small price to pay for making shopping on my site more convenient for my customers.

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Dea said...

I've had requests for a BDO bank account as a mode of payment, too! I should open and account soon but I still haven't renewed my license, I only have my passport as identification. Will look into Gcash/SmartMoney as well.

Unknown said...

@Dea: I only presented my passport as identification! I somehow misplaced my driver's license at that time. Haha.


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