Grain Sack and Chevron Pillows from Regalong Pambahay

A few days ago, I asked my husband if we can visit Our Home in SM Southmall because I wanted to set up our home office and they were on sale. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything. I found an even better deal for the house though over at Regalong Pambahay!

I have seen Regalong Pambahay plenty times when I've visited some malls, but I've only went inside a few times. This time, I decided to go in and look at their items.

And look what I found! Gorgeous chevron and grain sack pillows.

This post makes me giddy as I share it because I absolutely love these pillows! Even better, I got them on sale!

Black chevron pillow at P300 (50% off from original price). I wanted to get another one, but it was their last one on stock. I even asked them to check other branches, but unfortunately they also don't have stock. I just got the last piece.

Grain sack pillows for only P350 (30% off original price). They are a bit bigger than the chevron pillow. I absolutely love the designs. 

These pillows instantly gave my couches a makeover, and I only spent a total of P1350! Even if I didn't take home an office desk, I already felt so happy with my throw pillows. They're such a good deal. When I looked at throw pillows over at Our Home, most of these cost around P500-P600, and they are even sized a bit smaller.

It was such a happy day for me. Thanks to Regalong Pambahay!

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Mommy K said...

OMG!!so love those covers!! I've been looking for a black and white chevron like that! You are very lucky to find one!

Unknown said...

Yes kareen. God is good. He still provided a happy loot for me! :-)

May De Jesus-Palacpac said...

they are just too cute! :)are they washable though? or are they the kind you send to the dry cleaners? :)

Unknown said...

@May: Yup washable! I think hand wash is okay. :)

Unknown said...

Wow. I like the chevron. I think it looks cool and adds chich-ness to your coouch! Great finds! Discounts are women's bestfriend talaga. haha


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