God Answers Prayers

I used to worry a lot. Ask my husband. He can tell you the stress I feel (--and he feels!) when I worry about things. 

I worry most about financial situations. When the bills come in, I worry that we don't have enough current funds to cover them. I worry that our savings are being depleted because we spent more than we should have.

When we began our Christian walk, our faith that God is in control became stronger. This question always rang in my head, "If you believe in God's infinite grace and that He will take care of you, then why worry?" Since then, I worried less and less. These days, I am 100% confident that we will always be blessed because God is taking care of us. He is in control ALL the time.

Recently, we were blessed with new opportunities to expand our business. We were offered contracts with a very established landlord here in Manila. We knew this was truly a blessing from our best Business Partner, God. Yet an expansion would only mean one thing -- we needed funds to propel it and make it happen. At this stage of our business, everything is just enough to maintain our current operations. We don't have extra funds to cover any new branch. I honestly didn't know how to finance it. I just prayed and said, "God, I know you are taking care of us."

Contract signing week came. I made plans to collect payment from a condominium I sold months ago and encash one of my investment plans with an insurance company. I thought my plan was smooth.

The first hiccup came. It would take at least 3 weeks to a month to process my encashment. I thought to myself, "Maybe I can just find someone to finance us for 3 weeks and repay that person when I collect my encashment."

Then, the second hiccup came. My buyer texted me that maybe the payment can be deposited any time within the week. Okay, that's not a guarantee either.

Despite all this, I did not worry. I just prayed and believed that God is taking care of us.

Contract signing day came. To our knowledge, we had no funds at that moment. I thought that maybe I can just iron things out in the next couple of days. While we were on our way to the landlord's office, I got a text from an online buyer that she already paid Php180 for the balance of her package to be shipped the same day. I quickly checked BPI Mobile to confirm her transaction. When I checked my account, I did not just receive P180. There was another transaction that came in and it was far more than the amount we need to close the deal! The condo payment came in. I only asked for so much, yet what came was double that amount. I don't need to even encash my investment plan anymore.

Wow! God is so amazing! I can't help but feel giddy as I write this post. I know in my heart God answers prayers ALL the time. He just needs us to BELIEVE.

As if that wasn't enough, God just subtly reminded me of the rewards of seeking first His kingdom above all things. When I opened my Bible in my phone, my verse of the day is this: 

How very apt the bible verse was for my experience today. Thank you Lord for being in my life. Thank you for loving us always. You are awesome! I love You Lord!

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Mommy Bloggers Philippines said...

God works really in wonderful ways and usually in perfect timing!

Unknown said...

@MallSaleLover: Yes! His timing is always perfect :-)


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