Giving Birth at Asian Hospital via CS

I have long wanted to write about Kali's birth story at Asian Hospital, but I haven't gotten around to do it until now. I want this post to help pregnant mothers-to-be out there who are still weighing options about which hospital they want to give birth in.

I have given birth in Asian Hospital two times already. The first time was when I had my daughter Elyssa more than a year ago, and the second one with my now six-month-old Kali. I'll write about my most recent experience.

I opted for a scheduled CS this time since it was inevitable for me to have CS anyway. My OB was Dra. Ana Marie Madamba-Burgos (One of the best doctors ever! I'll write a separate blog post about this). For those moms who know they will have C-section anyway, it's best to have a scheduled one. It's so convenient.

When we were approaching full term with Kali, we had to fix our schedule with Dra. Madamba-Burgos since she was leaving for a conference out of the country. Since I didn't want a replacement OB to handle my CS, we made sure we picked the right day wherein my pregnancy will hit 38 weeks. We handpicked a Saturday morning schedule with Dra. Madamba-Burgos.

A few days before the scheduled CS, my OB prepared a pre-operation checklist for me. This contains a detailed set of instructions on the laboratory tests I needed to take before the operation, reminders for the hospital staff, and instructions for me to follow the night before the CS operation. Her secretary already booked us for a room and prepared the admitting order for us to give to Asian Hospital. She scheduled for me to be admitted the night before the CS operation, so I can be well prepared for it.

We went to Asian Hospital 2 PM of August 16. We proceeded to the Admissions Office for them to process my admittance. Honestly, this process took long for me. Considering that we already have a room booked, it wasn't easy to be pregnant and wait so long for my papers to be ready. The Admissions Office will verify all your details and prepare your admission. If you have HMO or health insurance, it's best to let them know at this stage. Once you're cleared, Guest Services will escort you up to your room. If you brought a car, make sure you get the parking card assigned to your room so your parking will be free during your hospital stay.

As I searched for Asian Hospital admittance information, I chanced upon a pre-admission form that they have posted online on their website. I guess it's another way of reserving a room for you. Kindly confirm it by calling the hospital itself. We didn't go through this process as we made the reservations personally at the hospital. Dra. Madamba-Burgos has a clinic at Civic Drive building right across Asian Hospital, so it was convenient for us to just drop by.

My doctor ordered to have me checked for contractions so they wheeled me into the Genesis Center where they hooked me to a machine that monitors them (I Googled it and it's called a cardiotocograph). They use it to monitor the baby's fetal heartbeat as well. I stayed quite a while here since I had minor contractions. They continued to monitor me until my OB said it was okay to release me.

After my OB gave me the go signal to go up to my room, it was pretty much a boring night at the hospital for me. I was already hooked to an IV at that time, so I just stayed in the hospital room. My pre-operation instructions also required me to not eat anything (solids or liquids) by 12midnight, in preparation for my 9am CS.

Here comes the C-Section
At 6am, the hospital staff already wheeled me into the Genesis Center again as I wait for my turn at the operating table. For those not familiar with what Genesis Center is, it's the birthing facility at Asian Hospital. While I was waiting for my turn, I found out there were other mothers scheduled for CS that day. I was the second in line for CS. My schedule was 9am.

While waiting, my husband was in with me. They allow one person to be with you. My husband also has to go out from time to time to update family members. During this time, the in-house anesthesiologist assigned to me talked to me about his procedure and explained it to me well. He told me about what kind of anesthesia will be used, and how it will be introduced through my spine. From time to time, the nurses will also ask questions and update me on other procedures required pre-op.

A few minutes past 9am, I was wheeled into the operating room which is just beside Genesis. The anesthesiologist administered regional anesthesia wherein half of my body from the waist down was numb and I was still awake. I started to feel cold so I just asked them to cover my arms to make me feel a bit warmer. They started the CS operation when my OB and pediatrician were both present.

The actual CS operation takes less than an hour. They opened my belly up, took the baby out and stitched me back up while they were cleaning the baby and taking her measurements. I was awake the entire time.

What's good about Asian Hospital is that they allowed my husband to come in and take photos (not of the actual operation, but of the baby of course).

Here's Kali out of the tummy!

You're so beautiful in my eyes love.

Daddy's first picture with Kali! Kali was brought to a heated portion of the operating room.

After she was cleaned a bit, she was brought to me. Her cry was music to my ears.

All cleaned up! Here's Kali in the Huggery. That's what Asian Hospital calls their nursery.

My C-section experience in Asian Hospital was good overall. Since it was scheduled, it was very convenient and I was emotionally and mentally prepared for it the whole time. It was convenient for my husband too as he didn't have to go through panic while anticipating our child's birth.

This post chronicles my personal experience with Asian Hospital. If you're a mom-to-be who came across this post and have queries about my experience, feel free to comment or email me at hello@chicmompreneur.com. I'll try my best to answer all of your questions!

If you're asking about the cost of my entire hospital stay and operation, I'll give you the costs we incurred at that time. However, it's best to check with Asian Hospital to get their updated rates.

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