Movie Review: Rush

Our family LOVES to watch movies. Every weekend, we spend time as a family by watching a good family movie with our kids. Since we love to discover new movies, I thought about sharing with you the movies we love. Recently, we watched Rush. It's a movie based on the rivalry between James Hunt (played by Christ Hemsworth -- insert fan girl scream here) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) in the 1970s Formula One race.

Apart from Chris Hemworth's hotness (--even my husband has a crush on him! Haha), this movie is an excellent picture in its own right. I'm not a big fan of car racing, but this movie definitely made me appreciate the sport more. The rivalry between the two former F1 champions was depicted brilliantly. The movie was engaging through and through. There really was no dull part in the movie.

In the film, the two are depicted as complete rivals. They are complete opposites. James Hunt is the easygoing playboy driver who is well-loved by the crowd. Niki Lauda is the precise, methodological racer who keeps to himself. Yet as the film progresses, the viewers see their mutual respect for each other. The movie teaches us that our rivals have a purpose in our lives. They exist to fuel our competitiveness and to drive us to be better versions of ourselves. It's really a great movie. It would have been nice to watch with the kids, if not for the sexy scenes they show with James Hunt.

Look at how adorable these two look in their F1 uniforms! We like Niki Lauda's character because of his discipline and precision. He deserves the three F1 world championships he won.

I just had to add this pic: Chris Hemsworth in a Rush event. So guwapo! 

* All pics were lifted from the IMDB page.

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MallSaleLover said...

I love Thor! Haven't watched this but now, I'm totally saving it on my watch list :-)


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