Happy 5 months Kali!

Time flies by so fast. Kali is already 5 months! At this time, here are the things that Kali can do:

  • She is an expert in rolling over! She rolls over even in her sleep. She rolls over while her diaper is being changed. 
  • She can sit up and hold her head all on her own.
  • She can communicate her needs. She calls her mommy when she wants her breast milk. She coos to her dad and siblings when she wants to be entertained. 
  • When she's playing with her yaya or her siblings and she sees mom walk across the room, she would start to cry just so mommy can pick her up and carry her.
  • She doesn't like being left out of the group. When the family is eating at the dinner table, she wants to go near and be around them. When yaya walks away from the table, she would call out and make some noise until yaya goes back to join the family at the table.
  • She wants to feed while the family is eating.
  • She doesn't like anyone turning his/her back on her when she's being talked to.
  • She's camera-shy. She would smile, coo and laugh a lot but when you hold a camera in front of her to capture the moment, she stops and just begins to stare straight back at you with big, round eyes.
  • She loves bath time.
  • When she gets her vaccine shots, she just cries when the needle pierces her skin then stops right after when it's done.
  • She likes to sleep beside mom.

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