The Highlander Steakhouse at Tagaytay Highlands

When we went up to Tagaytay Highlands for our anniversary, I was happy to try out the famous Highlander Steakhouse. The restaurant was just across The Spa & Lodge, so it was convenient for us to have dinner there while our little Kali was sleeping. You may wonder why I always mention our baby when we take time out. It's because life of a breastfeeding mom is different. I need to always be near my baby to feed her every 2-3 hours, especially when we direct feed most of the time.

My DH and I were so excited for our dinner that we personally dropped by the restaurant that afternoon to make our reservations. The staff were still relaxed as they were getting ready for their dinner guests.

I love their Christmas decors amidst the rustic theme of the restaurant.  

 I took a picture of their wine bottle on the table.

We were lucky enough to be able to check out the view from the balcony. 
It was still afternoon so the fog wasn't up yet.

While we were there, we read the menu to plan out our orders. Excited much?!

View of the steakhouse on a December night.

Now time for the big reveal -- our food! I ordered the Seafood Mixed Grill (P1,050). From the menu, it says: "A combination of salmon, halibut, scallop, baby lobster and king prawns. Served with lemon butter sauce or seafood gravy." The dish was delicious! It didn't have the baby lobster though. I know I should have ordered steak since we were in a steakhouse after all, but DH and I decided to order different dishes so we could try from each.

DH ordered the highly recommended John Wayne's Prime Rib in 10z (P1,380). It was superb! The steak was really good. Though I ordered seafood, it made me wish I ordered steak too. We shared the 10oz size and both of us were so full after dinner. If you're ordering for one, the 7oz size would be enough.

We were happy to have chosen The Highlander Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner. We had a wonderful time with the in-laws too. We all went home to the lodge with happy tummies.

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