Kali at 4 Months

Gosh, ang bilis ng 1 month. My little Kali is already 4 months! It seems as if kaka-post ko lang ng 3-month milestone niya.
Kali baby, you're growing up so fast!
What can little Kali do?
  • Biggest milestone for this month is rolling over! My little Kali can conveniently roll over from front to back. She still needs a little help going back though.
  • She can push up her head while doing tummy time. I was lucky enough to have been able to record it on her first time.
  • She loves play time with Daddy and Lolo!
  • She can sleep for 5-6 hours from evening to midnight (thank God!)
  • She likes to hold her hands together.
  • She likes talking to people. Minsan, nagrereklamo if wala siyang kausap. She also likes listening to nursery rhymes being sang to her. One of her early favorites is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
  • She puts her hands in her mouth from time to time.
  • She is starting to follow close/open.
  • She now sleeps on her own on the bed or crib. Before, I was her human bed but since she started sleeping more deeply through the night, she will let me put her down while she sleeps.
It is such a joy to be able to follow the milestones of a little baby once again. God bless you always little Kali!

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