How To (Virtually) Decorate Your Home

As a new homeowner, I can definitely say that decorating a home is not an easy task! I know the type of home that we like (we like modern), but putting together the elements can be quite challenging. It's one thing to design your space, another to source your materials and furniture, and yet another to find the budget for it (This is probably the most challenging. Haha!). I now realize that designing our dream home will be a long project that will probably take years. It doesn't also help that I have zero designing skills. God willing, I hope that I will be able to transform our home into a lovely one.

One day, when my brother and his family came to visit us, he introduced me to this lovely iPad app called the Homestyler by Autodesk Inc. It's an app that helps you design your home easily by just clicking and dragging the elements you like into the current picture of your home space. Great, huh? For someone with poor visualization skills for home design, this is a Godsend.

First you take a picture of the space you want to design. My apologies for the very empty space below. We just moved into our new home 2 months ago and since we want to save up for the furniture that we truly like, we are currently working with hand-me-down furniture.

See the menu that they have above the pic? This is where you are able to work your magic. Open the Catalog menu and you will see hundreds of photos of products that you can easily drag and drop into your original picture.

Ta-da! Ang ganda na ng living room namin! 

Of course, the app is not entirely perfect as you can only work with the pieces that they have uploaded. Yet at least being able to do this home designing thing easily is quite a feat for me! It also helps me in communicating with my dear husband about my plans for the house.

Do you have tips for home design? Please share! (I badly need it.)

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