How my life has changed since becoming a breastfeeding mom

It's no secret that a baby's arrival will change a woman's life. Yet it's entirely different when one becomes a BREASTFEEDING mom. How has life changed since I became a breastfeeding mom? Here are 5 things:

1) All other personal activities (errands, shower, eating, date nights, etc.) need to be scheduled within the 2-3 hour window where baby is not feeding.

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2) I have an "exclusive time with baby". Have you ever experienced overly doting grandmas or relatives who think they can take better care of your child than you? It's a good thing that no one else can feed the baby but me!
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3) Everything I eat needs to be subjected to the "Is this safe for breastfeeding?" review. That goes for medicines, too.
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4) All my outfits need to be "breastfeeding-friendly". I cannot just easily pluck out an outfit from my closet anymore. I have to always check if it has boob access.
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5) I seek out other breastfeeding moms out there. I am happy to have met new friends because of our shared joy in breastfeeding.
South mommies bonding over mommy experiences
Are you a breastfeeding mom? How has your life changed? 

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