Thoughts about Breastfeeding

Since giving birth to Kali last August 2013, I really made a decision to exclusively breastfeed her. It's a common fact that breast milk is best for babies, yet not all moms out there are able to give this to their babies. Some moms may be misinformed. Some moms are challenged with the commitment required to exclusively breastfeed. Others may just find it easy to turn to formula milk. There are countless reasons on why moms out there have given up breastfeeding, yet there are many more reasons to work hard at it.

My Breastfeeding Experience
When I first gave birth to my eldest Annika, I also wanted to breastfeed. However, lack of information and lack of support from my loved ones hindered me from doing so. First off, formula was already given at the hospital while I was recovering from my C-section. Second, I found it hard to establish my milk supply when my mom would always be around to give formula whenever she feels I lacked milk.

This time around, I am grateful that more information is available on breastfeeding and hospitals are also encouraged to promote it. I am proud to say that I have been exclusively breastfeeding Kali for the past 3 months, and I am committed to continue doing so for at least 2 years of her life.

For all mommies out there who plan to breastfeed, here are very informative sites and groups that you can join to assist you in your breastfeeding journey:
  1. Dr. Jack Newman - He's a Canadian physician specializing in breastfeeding support and advocacy. You'll find numerous articles here that will answer most of your breastfeeding questions.
  2. Kellymom - Kellymom is a site owned by Kelly Bonyata, an International board-certified lactation consultant. More than breastfeeding, she also tackles topics about pregnancy, parenting and health. For working moms, you will find her milk calculator useful in knowing how much milk to pump and leave for your baby.
  3. Breastfeeding Pinays - This is a Facebook group/online community composed of moms, dads, breastfeeding counselors and experts who give advise on breastfeeding to anyone who is part of the group. It's a closed group that has more than 9,000 members to date. To join, you have to apply and wait for approval. Once you're part of the group, make sure to read the group rules and regulations. Before you ask anything, try to search topics within the group to find answers to lessen the redundant discussions within the group.
Breastfeeding is a truly rewarding experience. Mommies shouldn't miss it for the world.

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