Kali at 3 Months

Happy 3 months my beautiful Kali! You've brought joy & happiness to our family. We love you!
Kali is 3 months already. Time flies by so fast! I can still remember when we were eagerly waiting for her to her to be born, and now she's already 3 months!

What can little Kali do in 3 months? These days, she can:
  • Coo and smile back. I love her smiles when I talk to her! It seems as if she wants to talk to me.
  • Focus on an object or person and follow it with her eyes. When she was still pretty small, she can only see objects and persons near her. Now she can follow my voice even when I'm in another part of the room. When I walk around, she turns her head to follow me too. Amazing!
  • Communicate that she wants MILK. When I get hold Kali, she will look at me and seem to ask for her milk (she's 100% breastfed). If I don't seem to respond, she will chew on her right hand. And if I still don't do anything, she will cry! It's as if she wants to say, "You don't get it Mom. I want my milk!"
  • Hold her head. She doesn't sit upright yet but she can hold her head just fine. In our 3rd monthly picture taking, she just sat on the chair while I was taking her pictures for a good 10-15 minutes. Last month, she falls to the right (observe that she knocked off her small teddy bear to her right).
What other things mark Kali's progress this month?
  • She spits up less often. When she was younger (around 1-2 months), she will spit up her milk after feeding. If you're a new mom and you're reading this, don't worry! This is completely normal. This is because babies at this age still have immature digestive systems. More information about this in Babycenter and Kellymom.
  • She loves babywearing! I started wearing Kali when she was around 5 weeks old with a ring sling. Now at 3 months and 11 lbs, she fits well in her Ergo! She sleeps so soundly when she's worn. 
  • She can cry for her mommy and daddy.Sometimes when yaya is the one holding her, she will cry and cry. When mom or dad will hold her, she will stop crying and smile. :)
Now that I'm working from home, it's great to be part of each little adventure that my little one makes. Happy happy happy! :)

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