Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge

A month ago, I finally reached Mabuhay Miles Elite status after 8 months of shuttling back and forth Manila and Cebu to visit my husband and attend work meetings. I love the separate check-in counter (especially when there's long lines!), priority baggage tags, and the comfort of waiting in the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Class lounge.

This is one thing that makes Philippine Airlines better at taking care of their passengers. They still take comfort and service in mind. I love Philippine Airlines except on times that they delay the flights and don't bother to inform passengers earlier. I guess being on time is what they can learn from Cebu Pacific.

What's inside a Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Class lounge?

Most Mabuhay Class lounges in Philippine airports have the same look. Dark wood furniture, beige-colored seats, black and white photos on the wall.

They have food and drinks available for their travellers -- soup, bread, sandwiches, pastries and fruits. They also have coffee, tea, water, softdrinks and some juices. To keep passengers entertained, they have a selection of newspapers available, magazines, TV and wifi.

These little perks make Philippine Airlines stand out from the rest of the passenger carriers in the country. While other airlines are competing in the no frills category, Philippine Airlines still tries to keep their customer service intact. It depends on what's important to you --- comfort or value for money. I'm glad I finally saved enough trips to get to Mabuhay Miles Elite. I hope I can keep this up!

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Cagayan de Oro said...

I love the food. That's actually what I am after for. :)http://www.cdokay.com/

Anonymous said...


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Last minute flights to Bangkok said...

I love the food. That's actually what I am after for.

joei ♥ said...

Hi! I saw your post on Sumilon Bluewater. Which cottage would be best to stay in? Are all the cottages facing the main beach? :)

Definitely, Maybe

Nonoy said...

First time ko now narinig na may lounge ang Mabuhay Miles. Ganda. Thanks for posting it.

joei ♥ said...

Thanks for the Sumilon advice :) Anyway, do you still blog? Follow each other?

Definitely, Maybe

joei ♥ said...

Yup! Following you also :) looking forward to your next travel post!

freecallsphilippines said...

what better way to spend waiting time... comfortably. Lounge shots are cool.:)

Bridal Cars Manila said...

Very relaxing lounge !!


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