Am I finally back from hiatus? Remembering Bantayan, Cebu

Hello world. I'm here again, trying to write about a multitude of things I want to share, but somehow I find myself at a loss for words. Maybe because it's been such a LOOOONG time since I wrote a blog entry that I've almost forgotten how this blogging thing works. I can blame it on the normal day job and other extra-curricular activities that make up 70% of my time. Yet in the end, keeping up with this blog is really up to me.

There are so many pictures captured that I haven't shared, words and ideas I haven't written, and so many memories left lost in translation. So let me try again. I'll try to squeeze it a little time each week to post as many entries as possible.

What's on our blogging menu today?

Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan is one of the few islands in Cebu that I love going back to again and again. Why?

It's easy to get to from the city. It's just a two-hour drive and a 45-minute ferry away. 

Next, when you get to Bantayan Island the hotels are near the pier so it's just a few minutes away for you to soak up the sun in beach paradise!

For those of you who want to know how to get to Bantayan Island, here's a quick guide:

From Cebu, go North towards Bogo and make your way towards Hagnaya Pier. You can take a bus from the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City, or take a taxi which may be too costly. When you arrive at Hagnaya Pier, ferries have regular routes starting at 530am. Fares range from Php120 - 170, depending on your type of seat.

Bantayan Island can already be seen from Hagnaya Pier. If you want to bring your vehicle along, you can pay for its transport as well. Most ferries that shuttle between Hagnaya and Bantayan are those that carry cargo, so don't expect first class accommodation nor a fast trip to the island. These ferries travel slow. Think of it as an encouraging way for you to enjoy the view while you travel between the islands.

Upon docking at Bantayan Island, you can already see a row of hotels and resorts ready to welcome you. You can choose to book your accommodations ahead, or if you can be an impromptu traveller like me, you can opt to go to Bantayan Island and look for the hotel or resort that suits you.

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