Shop for Summer Essentials

Summer's here! Classes are over, and it's getting sunnier and sunnier each day. People can't wait to take a break and go to the beach, and that sure includes me!

I took time out to surf for shopping sites that sell summer essentials one would need for that beach destination. Check it out! 

Warning: Some of these may be too girly for your taste. ;)

Here are some of my favorite sites:

Summer Essentials
Pink Boutique 

My favorite online store has now launched its summer collection! It started with summer dresses, and coverups come next. Check out the items to get chic fashion finds! :)

Summer Essentials

Soak Swimwear

Started in 2007 by two beach lovers, this brand has already made waves in the fashion industry. I love their bikinis. Too bad most of the items are sold out. Look for these babies in their partner retail stores: Anthem, The Ramp, Peppered Cherry, Sunlab, Hot Pink Lingerie. It's even available in 37 Degrees in Vivo City, Singapore. Way to go! Good job for a Philippine brand!

Summer Essentials

Practical Finds

I found this site cool because it offered nice practical solutions like these waterproof beach pouches. I also love their chic passport holders with lots of compartments for travel documents. These are great stuff you could bring for your next travel destination! :)

I'll leave you with 3 recommendations for summer essentials shopping for now. Enjoy shopping!

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escape said...

the girls will definitely like this.

enjoy your summer. waiting for some of your summer posts.

Jan Hilado said...

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Janmck Hilado

Pasyalera said...

I love the bikinis!

Entertainment Blog said...


I like your recommendation # 3, but Summer is already ended, I landed so late for this, hekhek ^_^.

However, I will take your recommendation in preparation for summer 2010.

I'm also waiting for your next post Mitz.


Anonymous said...

WOW pink boutique is splendid!! Soak Swimwear!! is absolutely sizzling...

web designer said...

I think I am too late for these summer collection but I likes it very much will wait for your next post..:)


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