Shop for Summer Essentials

Summer's here! Classes are over, and it's getting sunnier and sunnier each day. People can't wait to take a break and go to the beach, and that sure includes me!

I took time out to surf for shopping sites that sell summer essentials one would need for that beach destination. Check it out! 

Warning: Some of these may be too girly for your taste. ;)

Here are some of my favorite sites:

Summer Essentials
Pink Boutique 

My favorite online store has now launched its summer collection! It started with summer dresses, and coverups come next. Check out the items to get chic fashion finds! :)

Summer Essentials

Soak Swimwear

Started in 2007 by two beach lovers, this brand has already made waves in the fashion industry. I love their bikinis. Too bad most of the items are sold out. Look for these babies in their partner retail stores: Anthem, The Ramp, Peppered Cherry, Sunlab, Hot Pink Lingerie. It's even available in 37 Degrees in Vivo City, Singapore. Way to go! Good job for a Philippine brand!

Summer Essentials

Practical Finds

I found this site cool because it offered nice practical solutions like these waterproof beach pouches. I also love their chic passport holders with lots of compartments for travel documents. These are great stuff you could bring for your next travel destination! :)

I'll leave you with 3 recommendations for summer essentials shopping for now. Enjoy shopping!

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A Night at Villa Caceres in Naga City

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit Naga City. I took a flight to Legazpi, and I saw Mt. Mayon for the first time. The sight was magnificent. The sun was setting at that time, and clouds were hovering around Mt. Mayon peacefully. They say that when you get to see Mt. Mayon when you visit Legazpi for the first time, it means you're welcome there. 

Two hours later, I find myself in Naga City. It was two hours away from Legazpi, and we decided to spend the night there. I stayed at Villa Caceres Hotel, a newly renovated hotel. The new lobby was very inviting. Huge sofas await the guests, and bright chandeliers hung from the ceiling. It had an old world feel to it that one can't help but be drawn to.

Naga Adventure

The lobby was impressive, but wait until you see the rooms in the new wing. The look was very classy. When I got to the room, the first thing that got my attention was the very generous flat screen TV in the middle of the room. There was a small desk beside it for the guest's convenience, and a gorgeous old-fashioned lamp was put on it. It was fascinating to see that the hotel really took effort to make their classic look consistent -- from the lobby to room furniture, even up to bathroom fixtures.

Naga AdventureNaga Adventure

With the basic room amenities already reviewed, let's get to the comfortable beds. It surely did not disappoint! When I arrived at the hotel that night, it was almost midnight and I was tired from a full day's work. The beds at Villa Caceres had soft sheets and pillows, and it was easy to sink into them to sleep. 

Naga Adventure

Other Amenities
Villa Cacere offers free WIFI access at their lobby and suites have extra amenities like a living and dining room, jacuzzi and enclosed shower and bathtub. They also have a swimming pool for their guests open from 7am to 12am, as well as an outdoor jacuzzi and indoor sauna and steam bath. For fitness buffs, there's a center with several fitness machines and equipment. They have in-house fitness trainers to assist their guests as well.

Total Experience
Overall, I loved my short stay at Villa Caceres. It was a great experience, and this hotel is definitely one to consider when you find yourself in Naga City. 

Villa Cacere Room Rates
Here are the room rates for your convenience (as of Feb 2009):
Standard Single - Php 1,500
First Class - Php 2,000
Executive Twin - Php 2,500
Executive Suite - Php 3,500
Family Suite - Php 3,800
Presidential Suite - Php 8,000

Villa Caceres Hotel
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
Telephone No.: +6354.4736530 to 33
Email: villacacereshotel@yahoo.com

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I Survived the Philippines' First Skywalk Extreme!

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like to walk on clouds? If you did, you have got to try Club Ultima's Skywalk Extreme.

Skywalk Extreme is the one of the hottest attractions of Club Ultima, a skyrise condominium that's being developed as a tourist hotspot in Cebu. What is it about? It's simply walking around the edge of the building on a narrow platform with only a harness to keep you safe. Located at the 37th floor, the guests are treated to a visual delight of Cebu on top of one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Your 360-degree view on the Skywalk at night is like this:

Club Ultima Skywalk Extreme

While walking around, you'll have fun guessing the landmarks of the city. You'll see a wonderful view of the Capitol, Fuente Osmena Circle, South Reclamation Project and many more. If you're lucky, you'd even get to identify your house if it's nearby.

The walk lasts about 15-20 minutes, and there's a tour guide to accompany you. Don't worry about taking pictures. There's a designated photographer that will be your paparazzi for the night.

The experience is definitely unique. It's best to try it with your family or closest friends. Even those who were afraid of heights found the courage to go through the Skywalk with us when we convinced them that everyone's going together anyway. It's now difficult to identify them in our group pic because everyone had their best smile when the photographer took this shot. 

Club Ultima Skywalk Extreme 

We all had fun at the Skywalk Extreme, even if the second half of the experience was already a bit boring. For Php600 rate that comes with a buffet dinner, the Skywalk Extreme is good for a one time experience only. 

Insider's Tips
1. You will be asked to wear a suit and harness for the Skywalk Extreme. Be sure to wear your own sneakers so you will not be asked to borrow the shoes they have instead. When we were there, they even ran out of socks. To be safe, wear sneakers or rubber shoes. They won't accept closed leather shoes as well.

2. Keep your valuables safe. You will be provided a locker where you can store your things and valuable items like jewelry, watch, and others.

3. Do this before your buffet dinner. You wouldn't want to risk wasting your meal if you find yourself disliking the experience.

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