Yet Another Cebu Pacific Complaint

A normal process of getting Cebu Pacific Air tickets online would be like this:
  1. Go to www.cebupacificair.com.
  2. Search for your flights, carefully selecting the destination and travel dates.
  3. Look for options, either through adjusting the flight dates or looking for a suitable flight time.
  4. Select the final schedule.
  5. Pay for the trip with your credit card.
  6. Cebu Pacific gives you confirmation and emails you the ticket.
  7. Print your ticket, and you're ready for your flight.
Seems pretty easy, right? This process has offered me convenience a lot of times, and I really appreciate the many times I've booked my flight without going through the ticket office. 

However, I've seen that the process isn't perfect. Last week, I booked a connecting flight from Cebu to Legaspi via Manila. I carefully chose the schedule: CEBU-MANILA 710am, then MANILA-LEGASPI 1025am. I paid through my credit card, and got my confirmation ticket. However, when the ticket was emailed the schedule for my MANILA-LEGASPI flight was 1215pm. It obviously wasn't the one that I chose. 

Is there something wrong with the Cebu Pacific online booking system? This isn't the first time this has happened to me. The first time it happened was for an international flight. I ended up paying about Php3,000 in rebooking fees, because the wrong dates got printed on the ticket. I immediately emailed the Cebu Pacific customer service to report the error, and I got no reply at all. Only God knows if I will get answers if I call the customer service hotline. I don't have happy experiences about that either.

Has this ever happened to you? This type of error also happened to my friend who booked for a Hongkong flight, as well as to the mom of my friend who booked online as well. I went to the ticket office today to see if they could help me with my problem, but they can't do anything about it. They still advised me to call the hotline or send an email. I explained to the agent how frustrating and hopeless that step could be, but he really can't help me.

I really felt helpless. It seems like Cebu Pacific clients are always at the mercy of that airline company. Next time I book online, I better take screen shots of each step I take in their online booking system to have proof of the process. Let's see where that will take me.

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escape said...

i think there are still glitches like that. i also encountered some problems though not exactly as this one.

i hope that theyll be able to solve it and that i hope that this feedback reaches cebu pacific. im sure they'll be open to knowing issues like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that really sucks! I'm thinking of flying Cebu Pacific this summer but now I'm having second thoughts.

Theonoski said...

yes! i did experience this as well. the HK-MNL flight that we booked was supposedly at 9:00am, same time was indicated in the email but when we're in HK the flight was actually 10:30.we just spent the 1.5 hours loiterring around HK airport.

Anonymous said...

I haven’t experience such trouble but my patience is getting thinner whenever I booked for a flight and receive this kind of message

Thank you! We received your booking request and it’s currently on “Pending” Status. This means that your credit card is currently being reviewed in accordance with the airline’s policy on credit card payments. Please do not attempt to rebook as this will result to a duplicate booking and double payment which will be subject to cancellation fees. You may recheck the status of your booking in approximately 1 (one) hour. Should the status still show “Pending,” please contact our Call Center (+63 2 7020888) for assistance.

After an hour or so, I’m still getting the same message. Darn!

GingGoy said...

tsk...good thing it hasn't happened to me...it's a glitch alright

the usual problem i know is about "plastic" authorization

Anonymous said...

I haven't experienced this yet with CebuPac but I'd say I'll follow your lead in taking screen shots of my choice before officially booking it so I'll have evidence.

This happened to me with PAL though. I called them up and booked a flight. Got my e-ticket sent out to me and when I got the the airport, they told me that I just missed my flight. Even though they told me to pay the rebooking fee, I told them to dig up the recorded call and see if I'm lying. They never dug up the call but they didn't let me pay the rebooking fee.

My take on these things, we have to be more assertive in getting what's due us. But then again, it's sometimes futile to argue with personnel who are just there to get their paychecks and not really sincerely give good customer service.

Unknown said...

what is the email address to complain to?

Eric B said...

Beware! Cebu Pacific is really a fraud. I went to check in for my flight this morning, DGT to MNL. I followed their instruction to check in early. I went to the airport an hour before the flight. The line was long, probably of a slow agent,so by the time I reached the counter it was 8:14am. The agent told me I was late for check in and that I could not take the flight. I should have checked in at 8:00am or 45 minutes before the flight.Ridiculous!I was already in line since 7:45am. She told me - that's the airline policy. The worst part is the airline is charging me No-Show and rebooking fee if I were to rebook, plus fare difference.Wow!How can I be a no-show when I was there.And that's not the worst, her co-agent in my presence calls the waitlisted passengers to purchase their tickets at Php 6,000 each! This is a really a fraudulent airline! They make more money from me plus they get the P 6,000 from the waitlisted passengers.. What a B_lsh_t airline... Passengers.. beware of this airline !!!

Anonymous said...

Cebu Pacific cancelled our flights…twice..April 14 and 15, we were on the return trip from Coron to Manila, they say it was due to weather problems, what the hell, all other airlines were operating on those days, they didn’t help with anything, basically after they announce that the flight was cancelled all personnel seem to vanish on thin air. On the third day, the extra flight scheduled for all the strandeds were 7 am, guess what, it came at a whopping 11 am. Basically we got stranded for 3 days on an island due to a wrong choice of airlines, what a hassle that caused us.

I’m also currently running on day 200+ with my refund. They claim the refund turn around time is 60-120 days, what a bunch of false marketing.

Unknown said...

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