Pit Senyor! Sinulog 2009

Everybody knows that Sinulog is Cebu's biggest festival. I was glad to have spent it on the streets with my friends. It hass been YEARS since I got to participate in the street activities, because for the past years I've chosen to be such a bore and I stayed home to avoid the crowd. I'm glad I decided to go out and watch Sinulog live this year. I had a lot of FUN! 

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

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Anonymous said...


I actually wanted to go but my schedule won't permit it. Ugh. Next yr talagang I'll go na. Your photos are so vibrant! Glad to know you had a great time in Sinulog.

escape said...

sinulog has always been grand and it's still is. maybe because it is a festival devoted to the holy child. i was able to witness five sinulog! making me really miss this festival.

thanks for sharing. it's good to know that you attended it this year. lucky lucky cebuanos!

Dennis Villegas said...

Awesome photos! Galing ng coverage! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

@dyosa: sayang nga you weren't able to go since you recently went to cebu naman. hope i'll see you here next year! :)

Unknown said...

@dong: yup, a lot of the tourists we get are devotees of the sto. nino. i'm happy i got to attend the festival this year too! most of the time kasi, i get lazy. hehe

Unknown said...

@dennis villegas: thanks!

kegler747 said...

Great pictures! very colorful, buti nalang i had the chance makapunta last year.

Meron din ako pictures ng Sinulog 2009 pero sa airport lang kse last Dec. 27 meron na decorations ng Sinulog sa airport :)

Sidney said...

Great pictures... I really want to go there and see the Sinulog for myself !


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