Philippine Holidays 2009

Here's a list of the 2009 Philippine Holidays, as declared by Proclamation 1699:

A. Regular Holidays

Maundy Thursday - April 9
Good Friday - April 10
Araw ng Kagitingan - April 6 (monday nearest to April 9)
Labor Day - May 1 (Friday)
Independence Day - June 12 (Friday)
National Heroes Day - August 31 (last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day - November 30 (Monday)
Christmas Day - December 25 (Friday)
Rizal Day - December 30 (Wednesday)

B. Special (Non-working) Holidays

Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21 (Friday)
All Saints Day - November 1 (Sunday)
Additional holiday - November 2 (Monday)
Christmas Eve - December 24 (Thursday)
New Years Eve - December 31 (Thursday)

From this list, there should be 10 long weekends for 2009. It's time to plan your trips! :)

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GingGoy said...

i remember i have a draft of this info too...will post later.

btw, the beach you're referring to in zamboanga city, i almost got there if i didn't arrive late at the tourism office due to my officemate. probably next time...

escape said...

you're right! it's time to set our travel schedule. this year is the year for travelers.

Anonymous said...

nice information here. there could be more than 10 long weekends. we all know, the present administration sometimes declares a holidays on the last hour.

p.s. I would like to invite you to join the Coolbuster's What's in the Box Contest for a chance to win a Nokia 6300 and more freebies. See yah!

Dennis Villegas said...

Thanks for this info, Mitz! I will need this on my future trips. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

good news to all students! =)

pr.ella said...

Great Info! at least travelers can plan ahead. Can i link this post?

Anonymous said...

I got so excited when I learned about the long holidays. Dong is right...it's definitely the year for travelers!

Laboy na! :-D

Unknown said...

@tutubi: hope you'll get to visit that beach next time! :)

Unknown said...

@dong: hope you'll get to visit more destinations this year :)

kegler747 said...

wala bang holiday sa feb & march? hehehe :)

Unknown said...

@kegler: wala nga e. excited ka na ba for your next trip? naghahanap agad ng feb and march. hehe

pr.ella said...

thanks Mitz for the holidays info!just copied it into my post...i dont know how to link to your post.can we exchange links?

Unknown said...

@pr and ella: sure. we could exchange links :)


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