Missing Shanghai

Of all the trips I had last year, my most favorite one was our trip to Shanghai. I went there with a group of friends from work, and we had the best time in that beautiful city. It was a series of fortunate events amidst a few unfortunate ones:
  • Two of my friends got to celebrate their birthdays in Shanghai.
  • We explored the city on our own with the little Mandarin that we know. It was my first trip wherein I really felt the language barrier. The people there prefer to speak in their native tongue, and only few know how to speak English.
  • I loved how the city has progressed with its modern skyscrapers, yet managed to preserve its old and historical buildings as well.
  • The food was great! I wish the water was good as well. It was hard to get clean, drinking water in Shanghai.
  • Our flight back to Manila from Shanghai got cancelled because of bad weather, but we were still happy. We got to visit the places we didn't get to go to. ;)
shanghai huangpu river

Here's a quick summary of what I found in Shanghai. I hope I will get to go back there someday, and maybe have a side trip to other places in China as well.

Oh since it's Chinese New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

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Sidney said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi !

My dream is to visit China in the future...

kegler747 said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

I would love to go to this city o kaya Beijing. Sana it would be soon :)

Anonymous said...

Gong Xi Fat Chai everyone...


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