Care to make a wish for 2009?

Eden Nature Park & Resort

In Lola's Garden at Eden Nature Park and Resort Davao, you'll find a wishing well full of colorful gumamela blooms like this. You can't resist throwing in a coin or two to make a wish.

Eden Nature Park & Resort

It looks like these guys have a lot to wish for. :) Happy new year everyone! I wish 2009 will even be a better year for all of you!

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kegler747 said...

I have the same picture nung mga gumamela sa Lola's Garden :) Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

@kegler747: kakatuwa naman. same pic tayo. happy new year to you too! :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Nice Lola's Garden, looks great. Happy New Year, Mitz!


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