Shop for Summer Essentials

Summer's here! Classes are over, and it's getting sunnier and sunnier each day. People can't wait to take a break and go to the beach, and that sure includes me!

I took time out to surf for shopping sites that sell summer essentials one would need for that beach destination. Check it out! 

Warning: Some of these may be too girly for your taste. ;)

Here are some of my favorite sites:

Summer Essentials
Pink Boutique 

My favorite online store has now launched its summer collection! It started with summer dresses, and coverups come next. Check out the items to get chic fashion finds! :)

Summer Essentials

Soak Swimwear

Started in 2007 by two beach lovers, this brand has already made waves in the fashion industry. I love their bikinis. Too bad most of the items are sold out. Look for these babies in their partner retail stores: Anthem, The Ramp, Peppered Cherry, Sunlab, Hot Pink Lingerie. It's even available in 37 Degrees in Vivo City, Singapore. Way to go! Good job for a Philippine brand!

Summer Essentials

Practical Finds

I found this site cool because it offered nice practical solutions like these waterproof beach pouches. I also love their chic passport holders with lots of compartments for travel documents. These are great stuff you could bring for your next travel destination! :)

I'll leave you with 3 recommendations for summer essentials shopping for now. Enjoy shopping!

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A Night at Villa Caceres in Naga City

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit Naga City. I took a flight to Legazpi, and I saw Mt. Mayon for the first time. The sight was magnificent. The sun was setting at that time, and clouds were hovering around Mt. Mayon peacefully. They say that when you get to see Mt. Mayon when you visit Legazpi for the first time, it means you're welcome there. 

Two hours later, I find myself in Naga City. It was two hours away from Legazpi, and we decided to spend the night there. I stayed at Villa Caceres Hotel, a newly renovated hotel. The new lobby was very inviting. Huge sofas await the guests, and bright chandeliers hung from the ceiling. It had an old world feel to it that one can't help but be drawn to.

Naga Adventure

The lobby was impressive, but wait until you see the rooms in the new wing. The look was very classy. When I got to the room, the first thing that got my attention was the very generous flat screen TV in the middle of the room. There was a small desk beside it for the guest's convenience, and a gorgeous old-fashioned lamp was put on it. It was fascinating to see that the hotel really took effort to make their classic look consistent -- from the lobby to room furniture, even up to bathroom fixtures.

Naga AdventureNaga Adventure

With the basic room amenities already reviewed, let's get to the comfortable beds. It surely did not disappoint! When I arrived at the hotel that night, it was almost midnight and I was tired from a full day's work. The beds at Villa Caceres had soft sheets and pillows, and it was easy to sink into them to sleep. 

Naga Adventure

Other Amenities
Villa Cacere offers free WIFI access at their lobby and suites have extra amenities like a living and dining room, jacuzzi and enclosed shower and bathtub. They also have a swimming pool for their guests open from 7am to 12am, as well as an outdoor jacuzzi and indoor sauna and steam bath. For fitness buffs, there's a center with several fitness machines and equipment. They have in-house fitness trainers to assist their guests as well.

Total Experience
Overall, I loved my short stay at Villa Caceres. It was a great experience, and this hotel is definitely one to consider when you find yourself in Naga City. 

Villa Cacere Room Rates
Here are the room rates for your convenience (as of Feb 2009):
Standard Single - Php 1,500
First Class - Php 2,000
Executive Twin - Php 2,500
Executive Suite - Php 3,500
Family Suite - Php 3,800
Presidential Suite - Php 8,000

Villa Caceres Hotel
Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City
Telephone No.: +6354.4736530 to 33
Email: villacacereshotel@yahoo.com

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I Survived the Philippines' First Skywalk Extreme!

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like to walk on clouds? If you did, you have got to try Club Ultima's Skywalk Extreme.

Skywalk Extreme is the one of the hottest attractions of Club Ultima, a skyrise condominium that's being developed as a tourist hotspot in Cebu. What is it about? It's simply walking around the edge of the building on a narrow platform with only a harness to keep you safe. Located at the 37th floor, the guests are treated to a visual delight of Cebu on top of one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Your 360-degree view on the Skywalk at night is like this:

Club Ultima Skywalk Extreme

While walking around, you'll have fun guessing the landmarks of the city. You'll see a wonderful view of the Capitol, Fuente Osmena Circle, South Reclamation Project and many more. If you're lucky, you'd even get to identify your house if it's nearby.

The walk lasts about 15-20 minutes, and there's a tour guide to accompany you. Don't worry about taking pictures. There's a designated photographer that will be your paparazzi for the night.

The experience is definitely unique. It's best to try it with your family or closest friends. Even those who were afraid of heights found the courage to go through the Skywalk with us when we convinced them that everyone's going together anyway. It's now difficult to identify them in our group pic because everyone had their best smile when the photographer took this shot. 

Club Ultima Skywalk Extreme 

We all had fun at the Skywalk Extreme, even if the second half of the experience was already a bit boring. For Php600 rate that comes with a buffet dinner, the Skywalk Extreme is good for a one time experience only. 

Insider's Tips
1. You will be asked to wear a suit and harness for the Skywalk Extreme. Be sure to wear your own sneakers so you will not be asked to borrow the shoes they have instead. When we were there, they even ran out of socks. To be safe, wear sneakers or rubber shoes. They won't accept closed leather shoes as well.

2. Keep your valuables safe. You will be provided a locker where you can store your things and valuable items like jewelry, watch, and others.

3. Do this before your buffet dinner. You wouldn't want to risk wasting your meal if you find yourself disliking the experience.

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Yet Another Cebu Pacific Complaint

A normal process of getting Cebu Pacific Air tickets online would be like this:
  1. Go to www.cebupacificair.com.
  2. Search for your flights, carefully selecting the destination and travel dates.
  3. Look for options, either through adjusting the flight dates or looking for a suitable flight time.
  4. Select the final schedule.
  5. Pay for the trip with your credit card.
  6. Cebu Pacific gives you confirmation and emails you the ticket.
  7. Print your ticket, and you're ready for your flight.
Seems pretty easy, right? This process has offered me convenience a lot of times, and I really appreciate the many times I've booked my flight without going through the ticket office. 

However, I've seen that the process isn't perfect. Last week, I booked a connecting flight from Cebu to Legaspi via Manila. I carefully chose the schedule: CEBU-MANILA 710am, then MANILA-LEGASPI 1025am. I paid through my credit card, and got my confirmation ticket. However, when the ticket was emailed the schedule for my MANILA-LEGASPI flight was 1215pm. It obviously wasn't the one that I chose. 

Is there something wrong with the Cebu Pacific online booking system? This isn't the first time this has happened to me. The first time it happened was for an international flight. I ended up paying about Php3,000 in rebooking fees, because the wrong dates got printed on the ticket. I immediately emailed the Cebu Pacific customer service to report the error, and I got no reply at all. Only God knows if I will get answers if I call the customer service hotline. I don't have happy experiences about that either.

Has this ever happened to you? This type of error also happened to my friend who booked for a Hongkong flight, as well as to the mom of my friend who booked online as well. I went to the ticket office today to see if they could help me with my problem, but they can't do anything about it. They still advised me to call the hotline or send an email. I explained to the agent how frustrating and hopeless that step could be, but he really can't help me.

I really felt helpless. It seems like Cebu Pacific clients are always at the mercy of that airline company. Next time I book online, I better take screen shots of each step I take in their online booking system to have proof of the process. Let's see where that will take me.

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Boracay Beach

Boracay is such a fine beach destination. I always wonder when I'll get to go back there again. It's a good thing it got included in NY Times' 44 Places to Go in 2009. (-- thanks to Dong for the link!)

I wish I could update more often. I always try to take time off my corporate workload to write about the places I've been to. I have yet to write more about Boracay, Davao, Cebu and Bangkok. I hope I could start writing about Singapore and Shanghai soon. I hope to get to do all this writing, or else I'd forget some details about my trip! That's one reason why I keep this blog. I want to write about my travels so that someday I'd get to look back and cherish the memories I made in all those places I've visited. :)

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Exploring Leyte


Here's an aerial view of Leyte as our plane ascended from their airport to go back to Cebu. It's a wonderful sight. The place is so vast that any traveller would surely find something to love in that place.

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Surf Camp in Calicoan, Samar

If you want to wake up early in the morning with the sound of the waves knocking at your door, you should visit The Surf Camp in Calicoan, Samar. The location is perfect. The resort faces the Pacific Ocean, and the place is definitely a surfer's delight.

Surf Camp Samar

Surf Camp Samar

The waves constantly bring in soothing sounds to the Surf Camp's guests. I loved walking around the place. From the pathways leading to the beautiful nipa cottages that housed our rooms to the boardwalk near the shore, I felt the sea was always beckoning.

Surf Camp Samar

Surf Camp Samar

The rooms provided the comfort we needed after a long day's work. If I'm not mistaken, they decorated the room Balinese/Thai style with great wooden artworks hanging on the walls. Their bathrooms were spacious. It could easily accommodate 3 people at a time, as the toilet and bath had separate stalls. There was cable TV through a satellite connection.

Surf Camp Samar

They had a swimming pool, too. As expected, it was overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What's different is that this pool contained seawater. You can easily relax by the poolside and listen to the sound of the waves nearby.

Surf Camp Samar

Surf Camp Samar

Surf Camp Samar

They had a boardwalk near the shore filled with reclining beach chairs that are perfect for sunbathing. We had our dinner arranged at this place one night, and it was perfect. We listened to the waves, and when we look up stars are splattered all over the sky. We would occasionally see a shooting star or two. For those who love music, you could easily bring your IPod and speakers with you as the staff could provide you an extension cord to plug in your gadgets for your convenience.

Surfing Lessons
Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without information on surfing lessons. The Surf Camp offers lessons for Php1000 per 3 hours with an instructor. If you want to rent a surf board only, you could get it for Php500 per 3 hours.

The Beauty of Surf Camp
All in all, I had a very nice stay at Surf Camp in Calicoan, Samar. The long wait to the destination was compensated by the beauty of the place. The staff was very accommodating as well. They responded quickly to all our requests, and they made sure that our stay was pleasant. The Surf Camp is definitely a place that's easy to love.

How to Get To Surf Camp in Calicoan, Samar
Get a direct flight from Cebu or Manila to Tacloban, Leyte. From Tacloban, hire a van to take you to Guian, Samar. It's a 3-hour drive, and it's not 100% comfortable as the roads leading to Guian are not perfect. Make sure you're ready for the long drive.

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Off to Calicoan, Samar

Calicoan Surf Camp

I'm off to Surf Camp in Calicoan, Samar. It's not like I'm really excited for surfing, since I'm not really sporty. I can barely even swim, much less surf! I'm just excited to see what the place has to offer, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. We'll see if I'm brave enough to take a few surfing lessons. Ciao!

*Image taken from www.calicoansurfcamp.com

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Missing Shanghai

Of all the trips I had last year, my most favorite one was our trip to Shanghai. I went there with a group of friends from work, and we had the best time in that beautiful city. It was a series of fortunate events amidst a few unfortunate ones:
  • Two of my friends got to celebrate their birthdays in Shanghai.
  • We explored the city on our own with the little Mandarin that we know. It was my first trip wherein I really felt the language barrier. The people there prefer to speak in their native tongue, and only few know how to speak English.
  • I loved how the city has progressed with its modern skyscrapers, yet managed to preserve its old and historical buildings as well.
  • The food was great! I wish the water was good as well. It was hard to get clean, drinking water in Shanghai.
  • Our flight back to Manila from Shanghai got cancelled because of bad weather, but we were still happy. We got to visit the places we didn't get to go to. ;)
shanghai huangpu river

Here's a quick summary of what I found in Shanghai. I hope I will get to go back there someday, and maybe have a side trip to other places in China as well.

Oh since it's Chinese New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

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People's Park in Davao

We arrived in Davao on a Friday on board a Cebu Pacific flight from Cebu to Davao. Since most of our friends were busy with work that day and could not accompany us, my friend and I decided to visit People's Park since it was only within walking distance from our dormitel, C5

The walking distance was a few blocks. We actually intended to go there by taxi, but most of the taxis were full. We approached a nice lady to ask for directions to the park, and she gladly helped us. She was very excited even. She told us she'd be happy to help tourists in Davao so we would keep on coming back. She drew a sketch of the way to People's Park on my little notebook.

We arrived in People's Park about 30 minutes later by foot. When we got there, a throng of people were lining up at the entrance. Most of them were students, and some were on a field trip that day.

People's Park Davao

of all the places I've visited in the Philippines, there are only a few parks that I know where people stay and linger. When we entered the park, I immediately saw how big and well-kept the place was. It was actually packed with people. Most of them are seated comfortably in nearby benches talking to their companions. Children were off to the playground to run around and play. Some were busy taking pics of the many sights around the park.

People's Park Davao

It is said that People's Park will soon become Davao's biggest landmark, and it's a site in progress. The budget for the development of People's Park is said to be Php71 million.

People's Park Davao

Upon entrance to the park, a big eagle sculpture greets the park's visitors. This is a sculpture of renowned Davao artist Kublai Milan, and the park showcases a lot of his works. It is easy to see why the eagle was chosen for the sculpture. Davao is home to the endangered Philippine eagle, and it's one of the many things that Davao locals are proud of.

People's Park Davao

Everyone seems to be enjoying their time at the park. Even ducks and geese are running around the park freely, openly mingling with the guests and kids at the playground.

People's Park Davao

I had fun taking pics at Davao People's Park. Most of them were about people enjoying their time at the park, like these two. It was drizzling a bit when I visited the park, and this couple surely didn't let a little rain intrude their sweet moment together.

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Pit Senyor! Sinulog 2009

Everybody knows that Sinulog is Cebu's biggest festival. I was glad to have spent it on the streets with my friends. It hass been YEARS since I got to participate in the street activities, because for the past years I've chosen to be such a bore and I stayed home to avoid the crowd. I'm glad I decided to go out and watch Sinulog live this year. I had a lot of FUN! 

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

Sinulog 2009

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Gear up for Cebu Pacific's 2009 Promo

Cebu Pacific offers ZERO fare for Asian flights;
Adds more flights to Shanghai, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur

CEB starts the year right with zero fare promotion for most of our international routes from Clark, Cebu, Manila, and Davao hubs.

Take the opportunity to travel to our neighboring Asian destinations! We've allocated more than 70,000 seats for the international seat sale. This includes CEB’s flights to Bangkok, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei.

Get ready to unwind because we are also offering a P1,999 promo fare for our Manila-Osaka (Japan) thrice weekly service. Passengers availing the Osaka promotion may refund their surcharges.

The seat sale STARTS NOW until January 22, 2009 and is valid for travel from February 1 to March 31, 2009. This is nonrefundable, and is exclusive of applicable surcharges and government taxes.

For this summer season, we are also expanding our international flight services by increasing frequencies from Manila to:

Shanghai, from five times weekly to daily starting March 31;
• Kuala Lumpur, from four to five times weekly starting March 27;
• Macau; from six times weekly to daily starting April 1

Hurry, grab your seats now at www.cebupacificair.com.

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Philippine Holidays 2009

Here's a list of the 2009 Philippine Holidays, as declared by Proclamation 1699:

A. Regular Holidays

Maundy Thursday - April 9
Good Friday - April 10
Araw ng Kagitingan - April 6 (monday nearest to April 9)
Labor Day - May 1 (Friday)
Independence Day - June 12 (Friday)
National Heroes Day - August 31 (last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day - November 30 (Monday)
Christmas Day - December 25 (Friday)
Rizal Day - December 30 (Wednesday)

B. Special (Non-working) Holidays

Ninoy Aquino Day - August 21 (Friday)
All Saints Day - November 1 (Sunday)
Additional holiday - November 2 (Monday)
Christmas Eve - December 24 (Thursday)
New Years Eve - December 31 (Thursday)

From this list, there should be 10 long weekends for 2009. It's time to plan your trips! :)

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For the love of the sport

Photo from www.baguiocity.com

If there's one sport that Filipinos are so crazy about, it's probably basketball. Today, my team mate just revealed he had 3 different basketball uniforms on hand. Within this week alone, he's playing in a lot of basketball games in different teams.

Basketball in the Philippines is played practically everywhere. There's probably the neighborhood hoop near your house, a basketball court on the church grounds or school premises, and we all know everyone's hooked to the TV when NBA or PBA finals are up. College kids go to great lengths to cheer for their universities in the UAAP. Even my colleagues at the office set up Ateneo vs La Salle teams just to add more spice into their usual basketball games. How crazy about basketball is that?

When one travels around the world, do Filipinos play the same sport that other countries do? A quick search at the ever reliable Google delivered me some answers. Over at Ezine Articles, football/soccer is said to be the most popular sport in the world. The next most popular sport is all about cricket. This seems to be popular in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India for Asia. The third most popular sport is tennis. My mom will hog the TV once Federer is on in the latest Grand Slam tennis tournament. Tennis is said to be popular in the richer countries like US, Australia and Europe. There are only a few Asians that have made it to the major tennis tournaments.

I wish Filipinos were more successful in sports. I hope someday we'll also be recognized for basketball as much as the world recognizes Manny Pacquiao for boxing.

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Cebu Hotel Directory

Here are some hotels to check out if you're planning to come here for Sinulog celebrations next week. Most of them might be fully booked already, but it wouldn't hurt to ask or check it out for next year's Sinulog festival! :)

Castle Peak Hotel
F. Cabahug Corner President Quezon Sts, Villa Aurora, Mabolo
(032) 2331811

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cebu Business Park (near Ayala Mall Cebu)
(032) 2316100

Cebu Grand Hotel
Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex, N. Escario Street
(032) 2546331 loc 102-103

Cebu Holiday Plaza Hotel Inc.
F. Ramos Street (near Fuente Osmena Circle)
(032) 2547656

Cebu Midtown Hotel
Pres. Osmena Blvd (near Fuente Osmena Circle)
(032) 2539711 / 2539763

Cebu Northwinds Hotel
Salinas Drive, Lahug
(032) 2330311

Cebu Rajah Park Hotel
Fuente Osmena
(032) 2531812

Century Plaza Hotel
Century Plaza Commercial Complex, Juana Osmena St.
(032) 2551697

Diplomat Hotel
90 F. Ramos Street
(032) 2530099

Elegant Circle Inn
Cinco Atrium, Pres. Osmena Boulevard
(032) 2541601

GV Tower Hotel
Osmena Blvd Cor. Sanciangko St.
(032) 4160000

Golden Peak Hotel & Suites
Gorordo Avenue corner N. Escario St.

Golden Prince Hotel & Suites
Acacia St. cor. Archbishop Reyes Ave.
(032) 2338660

Hotel de Mercedes
No. 7 Pelaez St., Kalubihan
(032) 2531105

Jacinta Pension House
Pres. Osmena Blvd.
(032) 2543011

Kan-irag Hotel
F. Ramos Street
(032) 2531151

Mango Park Hotel
Gen. Maxilom Ave.
(032) 2331511

Marco Polo Hotel Cebu
Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Lahug
(032) 2531111

Mayflower Inn
Capitol Site
(032) 2552800

Montebello Villa Hotel
Banilad (near Gaisano Country Mall)
(032) 2313681

Nikkei Garden Business Hotel
Hernan Cortes, Mandaue City
(032) 3458087

Park Lane Hotel
Corner Archbishop Reyes Ave & Escario St.
(032) 4117000

Regal Business Park Hotel
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (across Ayala Mall)
(032) 2326680

Richmond Plaza Hotel
F. Sotto Drive
(032) 2320361

Sarrosa International Hotel
F. Cabuhug Cor. Pres. Quirino Sts.
(032) 2325811

Waterfront Hotel
Salinas Drive, Lahug
(032) 2326888

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Care to make a wish for 2009?

Eden Nature Park & Resort

In Lola's Garden at Eden Nature Park and Resort Davao, you'll find a wishing well full of colorful gumamela blooms like this. You can't resist throwing in a coin or two to make a wish.

Eden Nature Park & Resort

It looks like these guys have a lot to wish for. :) Happy new year everyone! I wish 2009 will even be a better year for all of you!

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Tickets now available for Sinulog grandstand show

It's only a few weeks to go until Sinulog, the biggest and most-awaited festival in Cebu. This festival honors the Sto. Nino, patron of the city of Cebu. The festivities will start January 9 with a formal kick-off/launch, but the biggest celebration will be on January 17 with the Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Nino and January 18 for the Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade.

Every year, the Sinulog Dancing Competition is held at the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) in Abellana and tickets are already available since last Friday. Those who want to get seats for the grandstand show could buy them at the Sinulog Foundation Inc. (SFI) office, even during weekends until 7pm. Tickets range from Php350 to Php450, while an area alloted for balikbayans only have tickets priced at Php550 each.

Tickets are only available at the SFI office in Cebu City Sports Center, so watch out for scalpers who sell you tickets elsewhere.

For the full schedule of Sinulog 2009 Activities, see schedule below:

January 9, 2009 (Friday) - Sinulog 2009 Kick off / Launching (Sinulog Through the Years photo exhibit at Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu and the Mactan-Cebu International Airport)
2:00 - Solemn Mass (Basilica del Sto. Niño)
3:00 - Launching Parade (from the Basilica del Sto. Niño to the Cebu City Sports Center)
7:00 - Opening and Launching Program featuring the Mandaue City Children’s Choir, Dancesports Team Cebu, and Dance Troupes from participating schools and universities in Cebu (Fuente Osmeña)

January 10, 2009 (Saturday) - Sinulog sa Kabataan - Lalawigan
1:00 - Parade of Participants (from the Cebu Provincial Capitol to the Cebu City Sports Center)
2:00 - Event Proper: Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan (Cebu City Sports Center)
4:30 - Awarding of Winners (Cebu City Sports Center)
7:00 - Cultural Show by the Department of Education, Cebu Province (Fuente Osmeña)
9:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 11, 2009 (Sunday) - Sinulog sa Kabataan - Dakbayan
1:00 - Parade of Participants (from the Plaza Independencia to the Cebu City Sports Center)
2:00 - Event Proper: Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan (Cebu City Sports Center)
4:30 - Awarding of Winners (Cebu City Sports Center)
7:00 - Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña)
9:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 12, 2009 (Monday)
7:30 - Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña)
9:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 13, 2009 (Tuesday)
7:30 - Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña)
9:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 14, 2009 (Wednesday)
9:00 - Airport Welcome for Balikbayan Flights (Mactan-Cebu International Airport)
7:30 - Cultural Shows (Fuente Osmeña)
9:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 15, 2009 (Thursday)

9:00 - Airport Welcome for Balikbayan Flights (Mactan-Cebu International Airport)
7:00 - Miss Cebu Coronation Night (Cebu City Waterfront Hotel and Casino)
7:30 - Cultural Shows (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 16, 2009 (Friday) - Visual Merchandising Contest (Department Stores and Malls in Cebu)
7:30 - Cultural Shows by the Department of Education, Cebu City (Fuente Osmeña)
7:30 - Handumanan “The Concert” (SM City Cebu)
8:00 - Balik Cebu Welcome Party for Balikbayans and Guests (Ayala Center Cebu)
9:00 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)

January 17, 2009 (Saturday)

6:00 - Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño together with Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mactan Channel; starting point: Ouano Wharf, Mandaue City)
9am - Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon (Basilica del Sto. Niño)
2:00 - Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño)
6:30 - Sinulog Festival Queen 2009 (Cebu City Sports Center)
7:00 - Street Party (Fuente Osmeña and Plaza Independencia)
8:00 - Kasadya Nite Mardi Gras (Ayala Center Cebu hallways; culmination at the South Surface Parking Area)

January 18, 2009 (Sunday) - Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade
9:00 - Sinulog 2009 Grand Parade Carousel Kick Off
7:00 - Grand Fireworks Display (Cebu City Sports Center and Plaza Independencia)
7:30 - Concert by Street Party Bands (Fuente Osmeña)
8:00 - Grand Fireworks Display sponsored by the Mitsumi Group of Companies (Ayala Football Grounds)

January 19, 2009 (Monday)1:00 - Awarding Ceremonies (Cebu City Sports Center)

January 31, 2009 (Saturday)

1:00 - Awarding Ceremonies for the winners of the Sinulog 2009 Photo Contest and Sinulog 2009 Video Documentary Contest

Febuary 1-10, 2009 (Sunday to Tuesday)

Photo Exhibits: “The Winning Photos taken during Sinulog 2009″ (SM City Cebu)

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