The Terraces at Ayala Cebu

Terraces at Ayala Cebu

Ever since the Terraces at Ayala Cebu opened, people have been trooping over to the mall to enjoy the new selection of restaurants and cafes there. You got to hand it over to the Ayalas. They really know how to make their real estate developments more exciting. Terraces at Ayala Cebu is a fresh concept incorporating chic dining with lush green landscape for your viewing. It's like having a piece of Greenbelt over at Ayala Cebu.

What can you find in Terraces at Ayala Cebu? Here's a quick list:

Coffee Shops
Starbucks. This global coffee shop chain has expanded its store at Ayala to accommodate more customers. 
Bo's Coffee. From its location at Entertainment Center, Bo's Coffee has also moved to the Terraces and has even partnered with the local bookstore giant Fully Booked to offer convenience for the book lovers.
Figaro. Introduced in Cebu last year, Figaro at the Terraces is their newest branch. 

Filipino and Asian Restaurants
Cafe Laguna. The popular home-grown Filipino restaurant has reopened its doors in its location in Ayala Cebu Mall. This is the only restaurant at the Terraces with two venues located opposite each other. You could choose to dine at Laguna Garden Cafe or Cafe Laguna located inside the mall. Either way, you get good Filipino food.
Lemongrass. Also owned and developed by the Cafe Laguna team, this restaurant boasts of Asian cuisine which includes Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Try their delightful Citrus and Herb Lemonade, the drink that made this restaurant famous.
Hukad by Golden Cowrie. A newcomer in Ayala Cebu but an old favorite among the Cebuano diners, Golden Cowrie opens its doors at the Terraces through a fresh new name called Hukad.
Gerry's Grill. Enjoy your favorite sizzling dishes at this restaurant.
Big Mao. For those who love Chinese food, you should visit Big Mao. 
Majestic. Another well-loved Chinese restaurant, Majestic is recommended for large groups as their food come in big servings. Try their Patatim, one of their bestsellers.

Pizza and Italian Restaurants
Don Henrico's. This pizza place import from Manila has also relocated to a better location at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu.
Shakey's. You won't go wrong with Shakey's pizza. The name behind the thin-crusted pizzas has made its location open to the Terraces as well.
Yellow Cab. The pizza place that seems to have come from New York but was actually just developed locally is now available at Ayala Cebu as well.
La Tegola. This well-loved Italian restaurant with several locations all over Cebu has finally chosen a mall-based location. 

American Restaurants
TGI Friday's. In this restaurant, every day is a Friday. Here, you get to enjoy great American food at bigger than usual servings. They also have a bar open to the park so you could enjoy your cocktails with a good view of the landscape.

The Terraces at Ayala Cebu is still waiting for more great dining options to open. These include Spanish restaurant Hola Espana, chic restaurant Gustavian, and Greek restaurant import from Boracay Cyma among others. Other restaurants and cafes to check out are Siam, Teriyaki Boy, Bigby's, Banana Leaf, UCC, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Pancake House and many more.

Since the Terraces at Ayala Cebu is a total lifestyle concept and it's not just all about dining, it has also opened Fully Booked, a local bookstore giant that spans two floors. Find great book selections here and get to enjoy your newly purchased book with a cup of coffee at Bo's Coffee Shop located inside the bookstore. Aside from Fully Booked, the Cebuanos are also awaiting the arrival of the first Belo clinic outside Manila. Yes, Belo will land at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu. Clients who want to feel and look more beautiful await Belo's big entrance to the Terraces.

With all these lifestyle and entertainment venues, you'll always find a place at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu. 

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Dennis Villegas said...

Happy New Year, Mitz! Your blog will be a great help when I visit Cebu soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. :-)

Unknown said...

@dennis: happy new year! enjoy cebu when you visit :)

Unknown said...

@dyosa: i overlooked it. sorry! thanks for the heads up :)


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