NAIA T3: The Cebu Pacific airport?

Anyone who's been to NAIA Terminal 3 (T3)  could see that the airport is dominated by Cebu Pacific flights. A few months ago when Terminal 3 was launched, Cebu Pacific heavily advertised it in the media to announce that their flights were already in the spankin' brand new NAIA T3. It's a great relief to Cebu Pacific passengers to finally get to try a Cebu Pacific airport with better facilities.

Cebu Pacific airport NAIA T3

NAIA T3 opened to the public a few months ago, but until now it's a work in progress. The airport is servicing Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, and PAL Express, but I feel that the flights are largely dominated by Cebu Pacific. There is one entrance to all flights, domestic and international. When you enter, you'd see only Cebu Pacific domestic flights in one row of checkout counters and the international flights in a separate row.

Make sure you check in early because Cebu Pacific does not provide separate checkout counters for the destinations. For both domestic and international flights, there's only one line to get to a check-in counter regardless of your destination. As your flight's check-in gets nearer to its closing time, the staff calls out the destination name to give way to passengers who came in a bit late. This is a fairly new practice in the local airline industry. I guess they did this to make sure all counters are maximized. 

Cebu Pacific airport express ticket counter

What I liked best about NAIA T3 is that it has its own express ticket counters located conveniently near the entrance. It has saved me a lot of times when I came in too late for check-in, and I could easily purchase another ticket to get on board the next available flight. When one does a no-show in Cebu Pacific, exorbitant fees are charged to get to the next flight using the same ticket. It's fairly cheaper to purchase another ticket and save the other one for a refund or another date.
When you need to go to the other airports like Centennial or the old NAIA airport, NAIA T3 actually has a shuttle service for the passengers. The schedule is not regular though. Ask the airport personnel for the shuttle schedule.

Though NAIA T3 has already opened, the services it offers is still pretty much basic. Not all of the shops and restaurants have opened, and there are still parts of the airport that hasn't been fully furnished yet. As of my visit two weeks ago, the food options accessible to everyone include Jollibee, Kopi Roti and Mister Donut on the second floor. When you get in towards your boarding gates, there's a San Miguel kiosk selling rice meals and various food products like E-Aji and noodles. There's a Delifrance inside and a Japanese restaurant whose name I could not recall. Other retail shops include National Bookstore and Duty Free. 

I hope this airport will get fully operational soon so passengers could completely appreciate its value addition to our travel industry. 

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Anonymous said...

I like the queue system of Cebu Pacific at the Old Domestic Airport. There are signs at the check-in counter for a specific destination but not many people know that you go to any counter regardless of your destination :) Even there sa Cebu Airport, dun ako nagchecheck-in sa maikli ang pila na destinations khit sa Manila ako papunta ;)

Unknown said...

@kegler: wow i didn't know that :) i usually just go to another counter when they call out people to accommodate other destinations. thanks for the tip!


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