My Christmas Wishlist 2008

I hope it's not too late. I found out about Manila Freelancer's Christmas Wishlist contest from Lagawan, and I thought I'd send an entry myself. Here's my top 5 wishes for this Christmas:
  1. I wish everyone will have a happy Christmas this 2008! Admittedly, I feel that Christmas started a bit late this year. Christmas decors were put up later than usual. Even Christmas parties seemed less in number. Some people were still even working up to now, a few days to go before Christmas eve! Nevertheless, I still hope people will get to feel the Christmas spirit and spend their time well with their loved ones.
  2. More traffic for my blog. This December, I haven't had a lot of time to spare for my blog, and sad to say traffic decreased significantly. I'm still developing my site. I hope I'd get to learn more from other experienced bloggers out there so I could drive more traffic into my site.
  3. A trip to a good beach destination with nothing to worry about. Cebu, Bohol, Boracay or Palawan will do! Okay, I just came from Boracay and here I am wishing for another trip. Yes, I did go to a good beach destination but it was partly work. I wish I could go on vacation without having to worry about a lot of things.
  4. A room makeover! I've been wishing for this room makeover for over a month now, but I'm not yet ready to shell out a lot of money to make this happen.
  5. Time, time and more time. It would be nice to get to manage my time well for a lot of things I'm doing. I need time for my work (--and sadly, this makes up 75% of my time), my family and friends, my business, and my blog.
Want to join this wishlist contest? Here's a link to Manila Freelancer's Christmas Wishlist Contest.

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Unknown said...

hi there, i am blog hopping today. ive seen you in blog catalog where i knew you are pinay.

i am proud there are so many pinoy bloggers around. i hope we can exchange links later. come, i invite you to visit my blog.


Unknown said...

hey coolbuster: i like your blog :) nice layout, and you've put in a lot of work in your blog. keep it up :)

Dennis Villegas said...

Here's wishing that you realize all your wishes! Merry Christmas!


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