Muay Thai in Pattaya, Thailand

Muay Thai boxing

No, it isn't Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar dela Hoya. This is a scene of a Muay Thai boxing match shown in a Pattaya cultural show. I really liked this part of the show because the Muay Thai boxing seemed real. More on this in my posts on Nong Nooch Garden and its marvelous sights.

Speaking of Manny Pacquiao, kudos to him for winning his match against Oscar dela Hoya today. TKO at 9 rounds!

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escape said...

hahaha.. perfect post to match pacquiao's win over the golden boy!

go go pacman!

GingGoy said...

thai kickboxing...also loved it there

Anonymous said...

Hi Mitz! Buti ka pa nakapanuod ka ng Thai boxing, ako shorts lang meron ako ng Muay Thai :)

Unknown said...

@kegler: it's not really hard core muay thai boxing. it's a segment in their cultural show. they portrayed it so real though. parang totoo :)


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