Filipino Christmas: Feel the Christmas Spirit in Cebu

Since everyone has been writing their Christmas posts already, allow me to share with you bits and pieces of what Christmas is like in Cebu. I went around the city to take pictures of the biggest and most glamorous Christmas displays I could find. Take a look and enjoy!

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Cebu International Convention Center
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
I.T. Park entrance
Lahug, Cebu City

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Traditional Christmas tree at Fuente Osmena Circle, Cebu City
Every year, the Lhuilliers sponsor this tree for the benefit of the Cebu community.

The next few pics will feature a Christmas display contest in V.Rama Avenue, Cebu City. Several houses participate in the contest and try their best in creating the best Christmas display for their street. Some really put in much effort in their entries, as seen below.

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Belen on top of a rooftop

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Display featuring the visit of the three kings to Baby Jesus

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
This display probably has the most number of lights put up

After going around the most lavish Christmas displays in Cebu City, I realized nothing really beats spending Christmas in the company of loved ones at home. I'm excited to share noche buena with my family tonight. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. :)

Filipino Christmas in Cebu

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Unknown said...

check out my links tab. linked you already.

hope we can know each other better and we can be friends.

merry christmas mitz and to your family as well.

RedLan said...

uso talaga ngayong taon ang naglalakihang christmas tree. Have a merry christmas to you and your family!

punky said...

ayusa ui! pero crisis man karon dapat magtipid na sa kuryente! hehehe! merry christmas!

Dennis Villegas said...

Wow very nice pictures, Mitz! Thank you for sharing! I would like to link you up in my blog.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

GingGoy said...

nice trees you have there...
i foresee myself re-visiting your city again early next year...looking for new sights to see and things to discover...

happy holidays!

escape said...

Merry Christmas! wow! it's like i was there too. im sure cebu has a lot to boast when it comes to Christmas displays.

Anna said...

Nice blog, I've never been to Cebu (which is a shame) but I'd love to go there one day!


Unknown said...

@Coolbuster: Thanks! Hope to get to know you better too.

Unknown said...

@Redlan: yup! I went to Manila last week, and ang dami din malaking Christmas trees all around Manila. :)

Unknown said...

@bert loi: Lagi! Murag dili crisis sa kadaghan Christmas lights makita around the city.

Unknown said...

@Dennis Villegas: Visited your blog na. Great site! Please let me know once you've got the link set up so I could add yours too :)

Unknown said...

@tutubi: Hope you'll enjoy your next visit to Cebu :) You should drop by Sinulog!

Unknown said...

@Anna: Thanks for dropping by my site :) Hope you'll get to visit Cebu someday.


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