The Terraces at Ayala Cebu

Terraces at Ayala Cebu

Ever since the Terraces at Ayala Cebu opened, people have been trooping over to the mall to enjoy the new selection of restaurants and cafes there. You got to hand it over to the Ayalas. They really know how to make their real estate developments more exciting. Terraces at Ayala Cebu is a fresh concept incorporating chic dining with lush green landscape for your viewing. It's like having a piece of Greenbelt over at Ayala Cebu.

What can you find in Terraces at Ayala Cebu? Here's a quick list:

Coffee Shops
Starbucks. This global coffee shop chain has expanded its store at Ayala to accommodate more customers. 
Bo's Coffee. From its location at Entertainment Center, Bo's Coffee has also moved to the Terraces and has even partnered with the local bookstore giant Fully Booked to offer convenience for the book lovers.
Figaro. Introduced in Cebu last year, Figaro at the Terraces is their newest branch. 

Filipino and Asian Restaurants
Cafe Laguna. The popular home-grown Filipino restaurant has reopened its doors in its location in Ayala Cebu Mall. This is the only restaurant at the Terraces with two venues located opposite each other. You could choose to dine at Laguna Garden Cafe or Cafe Laguna located inside the mall. Either way, you get good Filipino food.
Lemongrass. Also owned and developed by the Cafe Laguna team, this restaurant boasts of Asian cuisine which includes Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Try their delightful Citrus and Herb Lemonade, the drink that made this restaurant famous.
Hukad by Golden Cowrie. A newcomer in Ayala Cebu but an old favorite among the Cebuano diners, Golden Cowrie opens its doors at the Terraces through a fresh new name called Hukad.
Gerry's Grill. Enjoy your favorite sizzling dishes at this restaurant.
Big Mao. For those who love Chinese food, you should visit Big Mao. 
Majestic. Another well-loved Chinese restaurant, Majestic is recommended for large groups as their food come in big servings. Try their Patatim, one of their bestsellers.

Pizza and Italian Restaurants
Don Henrico's. This pizza place import from Manila has also relocated to a better location at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu.
Shakey's. You won't go wrong with Shakey's pizza. The name behind the thin-crusted pizzas has made its location open to the Terraces as well.
Yellow Cab. The pizza place that seems to have come from New York but was actually just developed locally is now available at Ayala Cebu as well.
La Tegola. This well-loved Italian restaurant with several locations all over Cebu has finally chosen a mall-based location. 

American Restaurants
TGI Friday's. In this restaurant, every day is a Friday. Here, you get to enjoy great American food at bigger than usual servings. They also have a bar open to the park so you could enjoy your cocktails with a good view of the landscape.

The Terraces at Ayala Cebu is still waiting for more great dining options to open. These include Spanish restaurant Hola Espana, chic restaurant Gustavian, and Greek restaurant import from Boracay Cyma among others. Other restaurants and cafes to check out are Siam, Teriyaki Boy, Bigby's, Banana Leaf, UCC, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Pancake House and many more.

Since the Terraces at Ayala Cebu is a total lifestyle concept and it's not just all about dining, it has also opened Fully Booked, a local bookstore giant that spans two floors. Find great book selections here and get to enjoy your newly purchased book with a cup of coffee at Bo's Coffee Shop located inside the bookstore. Aside from Fully Booked, the Cebuanos are also awaiting the arrival of the first Belo clinic outside Manila. Yes, Belo will land at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu. Clients who want to feel and look more beautiful await Belo's big entrance to the Terraces.

With all these lifestyle and entertainment venues, you'll always find a place at the Terraces in Ayala Cebu. 

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Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas

I got to visit Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas for the first time last week to attend a dear friend's wedding. It is said that Caleruega is one of the top choice venues for church weddings in the Philippines. It is so in demand that couples need to reserve Caleruega at least a year ahead to get a good schedule for their wedding.


When I got there, it was easy to see why Caleruega is in demand. Their Transfiguration Chapel is beautiful, and it rests on the highest point of Caleruega. I estimated that it could seat about 80-100 people, and it's perfect for small and intimate weddings. 


Inside the chapel, you could feel the solemnity of Caleruega. It's perfect for quiet moments of prayer and reflection. When you get wed here, it will definitely be a beautiful memory.


Other than the Transfiguration Chapel, Caleruega also offers a great view of the mountains in Batangas. Make sure you bring clothing that would keep you warm as the cool breeze makes the temperature go down several notches lower. 

The magic of Caleruega does not stop here. Caleruega also offers retreats for those who want a quiet time with the Lord. And for couples who don't want to wander too far for their reception venue, Caleruega has reception halls perfect for reception and wedding parties.

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Firedancing in Boracay

Firedancing in Boracay

As you spend the holidays in Boracay this year, make sure you don't miss out on this wonderful sight. Locals often put up a firedancing show at night. You could chance upon them as you walk by the shore.

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Filipino Christmas: Feel the Christmas Spirit in Cebu

Since everyone has been writing their Christmas posts already, allow me to share with you bits and pieces of what Christmas is like in Cebu. I went around the city to take pictures of the biggest and most glamorous Christmas displays I could find. Take a look and enjoy!

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Cebu International Convention Center
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
I.T. Park entrance
Lahug, Cebu City

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Traditional Christmas tree at Fuente Osmena Circle, Cebu City
Every year, the Lhuilliers sponsor this tree for the benefit of the Cebu community.

The next few pics will feature a Christmas display contest in V.Rama Avenue, Cebu City. Several houses participate in the contest and try their best in creating the best Christmas display for their street. Some really put in much effort in their entries, as seen below.

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Belen on top of a rooftop

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
Display featuring the visit of the three kings to Baby Jesus

Filipino Christmas in Cebu
This display probably has the most number of lights put up

After going around the most lavish Christmas displays in Cebu City, I realized nothing really beats spending Christmas in the company of loved ones at home. I'm excited to share noche buena with my family tonight. Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. :)

Filipino Christmas in Cebu

Merry Christmas everyone!

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5 Ways on How to Score Free Travel

Everyone loves to get something for FREE. Have you thought about how to travel for free? Here's a quick guide on how to score free travel:
  1. Get a job with travel benefits. Usually big multinational companies need to take their employees to different places to attend to business concerns. This is one of the reasons why I love my corporate job. It takes me to places in the Philippines like Bohol, Palawan, Boracay, Iloilo, Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and many more for FREE. Some even get to travel abroad for free. You get free plane fare, free hotel accommodation, and even free food allowance. Make the most out of your business trips by getting to enjoy the sights each place has to offer.
  2. Be on the lookout for promo offers. A lot of companies offer freebies for selected customers, if you're lucky. Cebu Pacific this year offered FREE flights to reward their clients and celebrate their success this 2008. If you're the first one to get news about these promo offers, you'd surely get to score freebies if you're quick enough. Make sure you're always informed about the latest promo offers available.
  3. Join an organization that sends representatives to other countries. Be it a religious community or a networking group, there are lots of organizations out there that sponsors representatives to various events in other places. In these situations, you have to work hard to be active in the group and be selected as representative.
  4. Get a sponsor. You could apply for a scholarship or ask friends and relatives to take you to places where they currently are. If you're lucky to find a sponsor willing to spend for your travel, go ahead and enjoy the benefit. Make sure you return the favor by being a good guest and helping them in any way that you can.
  5. Humbly ask for help from people. I've witnessed a story unfold about someone asking people to help send her to a World Youth Day event. She merely asked for donations from people online to spare their extra money so she could fulfill her dream, and true enough she got the donations she needed. This may be a long shot for some people, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
There are lots of other ways you could explore to score free travel. Some articles on the Internet talk about house sitting, sister city exchanges, home swapping and more. I simply compiled the 5 ways that are most familiar to me. I hope this post helps. Good luck!

Oh. Since it's the holiday season and people must be feeling generous, here's a humble request: If you want to sponsor the Chic Traveller to her next trip, don't hesitate to click the Paypal button on her right sidebar. Haha. Here's an easy link for you. ;)

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My Christmas Wishlist 2008

I hope it's not too late. I found out about Manila Freelancer's Christmas Wishlist contest from Lagawan, and I thought I'd send an entry myself. Here's my top 5 wishes for this Christmas:
  1. I wish everyone will have a happy Christmas this 2008! Admittedly, I feel that Christmas started a bit late this year. Christmas decors were put up later than usual. Even Christmas parties seemed less in number. Some people were still even working up to now, a few days to go before Christmas eve! Nevertheless, I still hope people will get to feel the Christmas spirit and spend their time well with their loved ones.
  2. More traffic for my blog. This December, I haven't had a lot of time to spare for my blog, and sad to say traffic decreased significantly. I'm still developing my site. I hope I'd get to learn more from other experienced bloggers out there so I could drive more traffic into my site.
  3. A trip to a good beach destination with nothing to worry about. Cebu, Bohol, Boracay or Palawan will do! Okay, I just came from Boracay and here I am wishing for another trip. Yes, I did go to a good beach destination but it was partly work. I wish I could go on vacation without having to worry about a lot of things.
  4. A room makeover! I've been wishing for this room makeover for over a month now, but I'm not yet ready to shell out a lot of money to make this happen.
  5. Time, time and more time. It would be nice to get to manage my time well for a lot of things I'm doing. I need time for my work (--and sadly, this makes up 75% of my time), my family and friends, my business, and my blog.
Want to join this wishlist contest? Here's a link to Manila Freelancer's Christmas Wishlist Contest.

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Discover Boracay Hotels: Milflores de Boracay

Last week, I went to Boracay Island with my team mates from work. It was a trip of many firsts:
  1. It was my first time to get weighed for a plane ride. We rode Cebu Pacific's Cebu-Caticlan plane. They weigh not only your baggage, but you and all the handcarried things you have with you.
  2. It was my first time to go snorkeling near Crocodile Island off Boracay. The waves were HUGE on the way there, but the sights underwater was well worth the bumpy boat ride.
  3. It was also my first time to stay in Milflores de Boracay, a very good value-for-money option among the many Boracay hotels available.
When I first heard about Milflores de Boracay, I did not expect a lot. All I knew was that it wasn't a beachfront Boracay hotel, and that it was pretty cheap at Php2,300 per room. Knowing Boracay hotels and considering it was peak season, I surely didn't expect great accommodation. Little did I know that I was in for a big surprise.

Milflores de Boracay

The entrance was unassuming. It was a small gated hotel, and when you enter you'd see a small space for their reception desk and cafe. What struck me the moment we arrived was that we were greeted with warm smiles. It seemed the staff awaited our arrival, and they greeted us politely. They served cold orange juice so we could refresh ourselves from the long trip.

They gave us our keys and led us to our rooms. Milflores was a small Boracay hotel with only 3 floors, and the entire building only had 10 rooms.

Milflores de Boracay

When we got to our rooms, we soon found out that they were very spacious. The design had a modern feel to it, and I liked it very much. Each room had 2 queen-sized beds that could easily fit four people. It was equipped with the basics: TV, aircon, and a nice bathroom. I liked their shower head. It's wider than the regular ones you find in most hotels. Eco-friendly guests will love Milflores de Boracay more since this Boracay hotel uses a solar hot shower system.

Milflores de Boracay

More than the room accommodation, what really sets Milflores de Boracay apart from all the other Boracay hotels is that they really deliver in terms of their customer service. Other than the warm welcome, they helped us with everything we needed. When they didn't have a function room for us, they searched another hotel that could accommodate us. They are willing to attend to all our requests, even when we ask for an ice bucket at midnight. They arrange for us everything we need -- from land transfers to paraw sailing to island hopping. You could say we were really pampered guests because all we had to do was wait at the hotel and they'd arrange everything for us.

All in all, I had a great stay at Milflores de Boracay and I would love to stay here again. It's a nice hotel to stay in when you visit Boracay with your friends and you guys are on a budget. This Boracay hotel advertises a rate of Php2300 available all year long, and you could easily split this among four people. The rate comes with breakfast for two, and they serve very good Filipino breakfast. Milflores is definitely good value for your money. I haven't stayed in any other Boracay hotel that gives as much value for money as Milflores de Boracay!

For those picky with location, Milflores is not far from the beach even if it's not a beachfront Boracay hotel. The beach is a mere 1-minute walk away from the hotel. Milflores de Boracay is located on Station 1 too, so for those eager to visit those bars at night you don't need to walk far to get back to your hotel.

Milflores de Boracay
Station 1, Balabag, Malay
Boracay, Philippines
Tel No.: (036) 2883363

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Sunset in Boracay

Sunset in Boracay
A Boracay visit will never be complete without a sunset pic.
We were lucky to have spent 3 days in Boracay last week in great weather.

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Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant

If you want to splurge and treat yourself this holiday season, head over to Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant in Mactan, Cebu. It's an ultra posh destination perfect for those who want to get pampered. In their official website, they described "Abaca as the Philippines' newest and most exclusive boutique resort in Mactan Island. It's a tropical hideaway that offers the tranquility of very private deluxe suites set in a lush tropical beachfront retreat."

The first time I went to Abaca, I was already intrigued with their secluded location. It's located in Punta Engano, Mactan way past Shangrila and Hilton Resorts. At that time, the boutique resort was not open yet and only the restaurant was available to the public. I wondered, "Why do we have to go so far in Mactan to eat in a restaurant?"

I soon found out that there was no reason to ask that question. Upon arriving at Abaca, a big wooden gate greets you and a message outside states, "Honk before you enter." The guard opens the door, asks you if you have a reservation and leads you to the restaurant entrance. The ambiance is familiar. It reminded me of Shangrila's Cowrie Cove. At night, candles line up the pathway giving the place a soft glow.

Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant Mactan

Once seated, the restaurant staff are very attentive and they immediately attend to your needs. In the menu, you'll notice a date on the page. Abaca's selection of dishes depends on the freshest catch of the day, so you'll definitely discover a different food experience each time you return. You may find some ingredients unique, and the staff will gladly explain to you what these are.

Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant Mactan

One thing's for sure: Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant will never disappoint. It provides one of the best gastronomic experiences here in Cebu. The restaurant may be found at one of the farthest points in Mactan, but a lot of people go there for the unique experience that it offers. Several news articles even say that there are people from Manila who fly in to Cebu just to dine in Abaca.

Make sure you have a reservation before you go there, since the restaurant is almost always full. The experience does not come at a modest price. Prepare to shell out at least Php1000 per person to enjoy Abaca Resort and Restaurant's top picks.

This holiday season, Abaca Boutique Resort and Restaurant offers special dinners for its guests. Strictly by reservation only. Click the links for their Christmas Eve dinner menu and New Year's Eve dinner menu.

Abaca Resort and Restaurant Mactan Cebu

Abaca Resort and Restaurant
Punta Engano, Mactan, Cebu
Telephone Nos: (032)4953461 or (032)2360311

All photos in this post are courtesy of Nilo Miranda, http://on2boy.multiply.com/
Can't get enough of Cebu's restaurants? Click on this guide to Cebu's best restaurants for more.

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Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya, Thailand

Nong Nooch Garden
A picturesque view of Thai architecture amidst the clear blue sky
Taken in Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya, Thailand.

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10 Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Thanks to my job, I'm lucky enough to visit Bohol quite a number of times already. To aid all of you travellers out there, here's a quick guide on the top 10 things that you could do in Bohol, Philippines.

1. See the Chocolate Hills. This is Bohol's most famous attraction. When you arrive at the Chocolate Hills site, you need to go up a flight of stairs to view the hills from the top. What is so special about these hills? These are perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size where the grass turns brown in the summer, thus the name Chocolate Hills. It's a natural formation, and there is none other like it in the world. This site is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.
2. Meet and greet the Bohol tarsier. Tarsiers are very small animals with large round eyes. They're so small that they're hard to spot since they only measure about 4-6 inches, and they could easily fit into the palm of your hand.
3. Go on a Loboc River cruise. While you're at the tarsier stop, head over to the floating restaurants nearby and treat yourself to a hearty lunch while enjoying a cruise at Loboc River. There are restaurants that serve buffet, and usually there are singers on board to entertain you on your journey.
4. Take a pic of the reforested area and Baclayon Church. On your way to the Chocolate Hills from Tagbilaran City in Bohol, you'll find a forest filled with trees climbing up to the sun standing tall and straight. It cools the air as you pass by this area since it blocks off most of the sun. It's a good photo opportunity since the Bohol people developed this area to become a beautiful man-made forest. For those who love old churches, you could also drop by Baclayon Church. It is perhaps Bohol's oldest church built in the 1950s. The church is definitely a sight to behold.
5. Enjoy the beach in Panglao. Panglao is 30-45 minutes away from Tagbilaran City, and you could hire a taxi or a van to take you there. If you're booked in a Panglao resort, you could also arrange for a shuttle to take you there. Panglao is beautiful with fine, powdery white sand and clear blue waters. The beach is not as crowded as Boracay. There are two most populated beach sites in Panglao: (1) Alona Kew side, and (2) Dumaluan Beach Resort and Bohol Beach Club side. The former houses more restaurants and bars, while the latter is a more peaceful side of Panglao. Don't forget to take beach sunset pics.
6. Visit the Bohol boa constrictor (sawa). When you go on tour in Bohol, tour guides would often ask you if you want to drop by the site that houses the biggest boa constrictor (sawa in the local dialect) in Bohol. The once-wild sawa is now tamed by a middle-aged lady and open to viewing by visitors. This site is like a small zoo. There are other animals up for viewing. Once you're there, try to meet their singing Marimar who would gladly belt out a song or two and guide you through the whole site. If you're lucky, she might also offer you the items she made from the sawa's shedded skin.
7. See the dolphins. If you want to see dolphins in Bohol, better wake up as early as 5am to catch them. Resorts would gladly arrange the trip for you with local boatmen. It's better to go as a big group to maximize the boat rental which usually runs for about Php2500-3000 per trip.
8. Visit the nearby islands. The best beaches in Bohol is not limited to Panglao only. There are also nearby islands which offer beautiful sights on shore and under water. Visit Balicasag island, a top diving site, and revel at the beauty of marine life by snorkeling or diving. Contact the nearby dive shop in Panglao to arrange for your diving trip. For snorkeling, local boatmen usually have snorkeling gear available for rental.
9. Go food tripping. May it be as unique as Bohol Bee Farm or as simple as grilled food at a restaurant by the shore near Dumaluan Beach Resort, Bohol is certainly home to a lot of new and memorable dining experiences. Take time to visit the Prawn Farm in Island City Mall and Bohol's best Chinese restaurant, Shang Manou.
10. Buy Bohol's native pasalubong. Like most places in the Philippines, there's always something unique to take home to your loved ones. Try Bohol's calamay and peanut kisses, which could easily be bought in pasalubong centers and supermarkets. If you want something tangible, there's always the reliable Bohol tourist-y shirt.

How to Get to Bohol
There are two airlines with flight routes to Bohol from Manila. Check out Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines for rates. If you'll be coming from Cebu, take a ferry that will take you to Bohol in two hours. Try Ocean Jet in Pier 1 or Weesam and Supercat in Pier 4.

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Muay Thai in Pattaya, Thailand

Muay Thai boxing

No, it isn't Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar dela Hoya. This is a scene of a Muay Thai boxing match shown in a Pattaya cultural show. I really liked this part of the show because the Muay Thai boxing seemed real. More on this in my posts on Nong Nooch Garden and its marvelous sights.

Speaking of Manny Pacquiao, kudos to him for winning his match against Oscar dela Hoya today. TKO at 9 rounds!

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Cebu Restaurants - Cafe Georg

One of the restaurants here in Cebu that always makes me proud is Cafe Georg. Located in Banilad Road in Cebu City, Cafe Georg offers a unique selection of dishes that would surely satisfy anyone's palate. 

On your first visit, you'd probably see Cafe Georg packed full with people on lunch or dinner time. The place is simple and unassuming, but it oozes with good taste. You'd see black steel chairs with some couches on the side, and an glass-enclosed area on the right side for small functions. Empty wine bottles decorate the wall, giving the cafe a bit of a personal feel. 

Cafe Georg Cebu

With a modest yet elegant ambiance, Cafe Georg moves on to engage their customers with delight once the menu is read. New and unique dish selections are featured, offering a wide variety of choices for everyone. From appetizers, salads, pasta, main course, desserts to beverage -- you will surely find something suitable for you. Let me share with you my personal favorites:

Cafe Georg Mango Tahini Salad

Mango Tahini Salad. A unique mix of salad greens, cucumber, mango and cashew nuts. 

Cafe Georg Bolognara Pasta
Bolognara Pasta. A combination of carbonara and bolognese pasta.

Cafe Georg Spinach and Cheese Dip
Spinach and Cheese Dip. A delicious cheese dip laced with spinach flavor for your toasted bread makes a wonderful appetizer.

There are lots of dishes to choose from. You could also try Chicken Pot Pie, Neopolitan Fish, Singaporean Style Fish, and many more. Every so often they cook up with new dishes to make their customers come back and look for more. The prices for their dishes are very reasonable. They range from Php150-200 only.

Cafe Georg
Banilad, Cebu City
Telephone No: (032) 234-0887

Click here to see more of Cebu's best restaurants.

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NAIA T3: The Cebu Pacific airport?

Anyone who's been to NAIA Terminal 3 (T3)  could see that the airport is dominated by Cebu Pacific flights. A few months ago when Terminal 3 was launched, Cebu Pacific heavily advertised it in the media to announce that their flights were already in the spankin' brand new NAIA T3. It's a great relief to Cebu Pacific passengers to finally get to try a Cebu Pacific airport with better facilities.

Cebu Pacific airport NAIA T3

NAIA T3 opened to the public a few months ago, but until now it's a work in progress. The airport is servicing Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, and PAL Express, but I feel that the flights are largely dominated by Cebu Pacific. There is one entrance to all flights, domestic and international. When you enter, you'd see only Cebu Pacific domestic flights in one row of checkout counters and the international flights in a separate row.

Make sure you check in early because Cebu Pacific does not provide separate checkout counters for the destinations. For both domestic and international flights, there's only one line to get to a check-in counter regardless of your destination. As your flight's check-in gets nearer to its closing time, the staff calls out the destination name to give way to passengers who came in a bit late. This is a fairly new practice in the local airline industry. I guess they did this to make sure all counters are maximized. 

Cebu Pacific airport express ticket counter

What I liked best about NAIA T3 is that it has its own express ticket counters located conveniently near the entrance. It has saved me a lot of times when I came in too late for check-in, and I could easily purchase another ticket to get on board the next available flight. When one does a no-show in Cebu Pacific, exorbitant fees are charged to get to the next flight using the same ticket. It's fairly cheaper to purchase another ticket and save the other one for a refund or another date.
When you need to go to the other airports like Centennial or the old NAIA airport, NAIA T3 actually has a shuttle service for the passengers. The schedule is not regular though. Ask the airport personnel for the shuttle schedule.

Though NAIA T3 has already opened, the services it offers is still pretty much basic. Not all of the shops and restaurants have opened, and there are still parts of the airport that hasn't been fully furnished yet. As of my visit two weeks ago, the food options accessible to everyone include Jollibee, Kopi Roti and Mister Donut on the second floor. When you get in towards your boarding gates, there's a San Miguel kiosk selling rice meals and various food products like E-Aji and noodles. There's a Delifrance inside and a Japanese restaurant whose name I could not recall. Other retail shops include National Bookstore and Duty Free. 

I hope this airport will get fully operational soon so passengers could completely appreciate its value addition to our travel industry. 

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Experiencing Pattaya Beach, Thailand

On a Saturday morning, we got on a trip to Pattaya from Bangkok. After a few hours of early morning shopping at the Pratunam wholesale market, we arranged for a taxi to take us to Pattaya. As we were pressed for time, we decided to take the hotel taxi offered at 3,000 baht to take us to Pattaya.

We left Indra Regent Hotel at about 930am, ready for a Pattaya experience. We planned to spend the whole day there. We prepared an itinerary beforehand, and we had a list of the must-visit places and sights. The trip was a bit long. It took about 2 hours, and we arrived in Pattaya Beach just in time for lunch.

There were a lot of restaurants to choose from, and plenty of them were offering European and Thai food at the same time. As we were hungry when we got to Pattaya, our driver took us to the beach side to look for a restaurant. We settled for a simple cafe that served Thai food. The staff were very friendly. They even gave us a free map to guide us in Pattaya, since our driver wasn't too familiar with all of Pattaya's places. We ordered our favorite Thai dishes -- Pad Thai Noodles, Tom Yum soup, Chicken with Cashew and Thai Milk Tea. The food was very delicious! I swear, no one could go wrong with these dishes in Thailand.

Pattaya Beach Thailand food experience

After a hearty lunch, we decided to check out the Pattaya beach before heading to Nong Nooch Gardens. We just had to cross the street from the restaurant to head over to the beach. The sight that greeted us was this:

Pattaya Beach Thailand

People were sitting next to each other under large beach umbrellas. People were pretty much doing their own thing. Those in groups chatted with each other. There were people who read books as they relaxed by their beach chairs. There were some who were getting massages on the sand near the sidewalk. It was pretty crowded! The shore was filled up with all these people that you can barely walk by the shore to get a clear view of Pattaya Beach. The first row of beach chairs were already very near the water, and it was hard to move without passing by people.

Seeing this scene dropped my expectations of Pattaya beaches. I hope this doesn't hold true for all of Pattaya beach, since I've only explored one part of Pattaya. I was really very surprised that the beach was so crowded that people could hardly enjoy the sights that Pattaya beach offered. This made me appreciate the Philippines' own set of beaches more. Most of our beach destinations may not be as popular as Pattaya Beach Thailand, but we could definitely get a better experience of the sea and sand as our beaches are not too crowded like this.

Check out these links to my posts on some beach destinations in the Philippines: 



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Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao

Eden Nature Park and Resort Davao

I went to Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao last Saturday. Obviously, I was jumping in glee on how beautiful the place is. I've been a bit behind on my blog posts lately. I will try to update my experience in Bangkok and Davao soon. :)

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