Off to Bangkok

Next week, I'm off to Bangkok. It's my third visit to the country, and I discover something new every time. Bangkok is one of my most favorite cities in Asia, and I always want to go back there after each visit. I love that there are so many places to explore in Bangkok, and I love Thailand's rich culture and warm hospitality.

For my trip to Bangkok next week, I plan to go to Pattaya because I've never been there. Actually, if I really had a choice I'd want to go to their islands Ko Samui and Phi Phi. However, we only got a three-day trip due to our corporate work schedules (boo!) and we cannot afford to miss a day of shopping. We would have to reserve that itinerary for a next visit to Thailand.

Bangkok elephant show

I hope I'd get to see their famous elephant show next week. This was taken when we went to the old city of Ayutthaya, but we didn't get the chance to catch an elephant show. I hope I'd get to see the elephants perform in Pattaya.

For those who have visited Pattaya before, what are the must-see places there? Wikitravel is always a good resource, but I would love to hear your suggestions too!

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Mai da Paypay said...

how nice! enjoy mitzie pie!

asiaholic said...

wow galing. bangkok. love that place. warning lang though sa pattaya...my ofcmates went before and said it's sucky. parang beach ng subic daw and puro mga prostis and white men. if you like less touristy (and sleazy) try hua hin, it's the beach escape of the king.

just a suggestion. have fun in thailand.

Unknown said...

thanks for the tip carlo. i'm not really sold out on pattaya either, but we thought it's the nearest getaway from bangkok. we'll try to research on hua hin. hopefully our schedule could accomodate. thanks again! :)

kegler747 said...

Wow, I also love Bangkok. Pattaya is not Boracay, Bali or Phuket pero you can make most out of it. Even Phuket eh marami rin prostis & white men pero it is still a paradise. Marami naman mga watersports activities dun sa Pattaya at for sure you will have a good time.

Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

the Elephant show was awesome you should see it yourself!reli, I was able to watch it last April this year and they... re so cute.. enjoy trip!

Unknown said...

@kegler747: thanks for the tip! will try to make the most out of pattaya. i'm going to look at other places as well, but it's barely a week to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitz, did you see my posts on Phuket? It was my first time to go to Thailand and I absolutely LOVED it! We got some good tips from a friend and refrained from the touristy places with hoes, etc. and maximized our fab resort! Check out all my posts on Sala Luxury Boutique Resort and Spa here:


It's really for a romantic R&R with hubby and worth every baht!

I'd want to visit Bankok as well and will be sure to check out your blog when we do!

Unknown said...

Hi diplomatic wife. I've always wanted to go to Phuket but I've never gotten the chance. Mark's been there and he visited Koh Samui as well. He said it's a dream. I'll check out your blog for reference when we get a chance to go to Phuket. Keep those posts coming!


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