Indra Regent Hotel in Bangkok

We stayed at the Indra Regent Hotel on our latest Bangkok trip. I was pretty excited because it was located right at the heart of Pratunam, one of Bangkok's main shopping areas. On our stay at Indra Regent, however, I had mixed feelings. I didn't know what to expect since the reviews I found on the Internet were pretty inconsistent. Here's a quick review on my recent stay at Indra Regent Hotel. 

When we arrived at 11pm Bangkok time, we had no trouble talking to the taxi driver to take us to Indra Regent Hotel. The hotel was easy to locate, and most taxi drivers were familiar with the place already. From Suvarnabhumi Airport, the ride took about 30-45 minutes and it cost us 350 baht. A big lobby in warm orange light greeted us when we arrived. The lobby was pretty, but I thought the lights were too dim for my taste.

Indra Regent Hotel lobby

When we arrived, no one greeted us right at the door. Check-in was relatively smooth, and a bellboy ushered us to our room right after. We got a superior room at the 9th floor, and my friend really liked the view of the nearby buildings from there.

Indra Regent Hotel nightview

We weren't able to take pics of our room as we were all excited to tuck ourselves in after a long and tiring flight. The rooms were pretty much basic. It had twin beds with TV, a desk and two chairs, closet and a bathroom with hot and cold shower. That was pretty much it. The interior design wasn't anything fancy or striking, and the hotel even had an old feel. I guess that's pretty much a given since Indra Regent Hotel has been around for several years.

Indra Regent Hotel treats their guests to a hearty breakfast on the 5th floor in an open area. There were a lot of selections available, and we truly appreciated this. You could go for the usual pancake/waffle, oatmeal or bread with butter for breakfast. For the health-conscious ones, there's salad and a good selection of fruits. For those who want a heartier meal, they also have sausages, pasta and other meat dishes available. 

Indra Regent Hotel breakfast

The staff at Indra Regent Hotel were pretty much helpful and accommodating, but not necessarily polite. They willingly entertained all the questions we had about shopping locations, taxi rates, restaurant locations and even tourist spots. 

For those who plan to shop until they drop, you would be happy to know that stores around the Pratunam area are willing to deliver for free to Indra Regent Hotel if you buy a lot from their store. I was able to avail of this service twice, and it helped ease my shopping load a lot. Indra Regent Hotel does not advertise this service though. I had to approach the concierge and ask them about this to get the details on how this service works.

We were lucky to get a discounted rate from Agoda. Otherwise, the rooms cost about 2,500baht and up. I find it a bit expensive, considering there are a lot of hotel options available in Bangkok with better rates. An extra person in the room would cost more than 1,000baht, regardless of whether you availed of an extra bed or not. 

I read a review on the Internet that Indra Regent Hotel had a bad habit of charging their guests highly for unneccessary things. I validated this when they tried to charge me for a laundry bag that I got out of the closet. In Manila hotels, I usually use the laundry bag to store used pieces of clothing and they don't mind. In Indra Regent Hotel, however, they tried to charge me 267baht for a measly laundry bag! I returned it to them since the price was highly exorbitant and unreasonable.

All in all, what I liked best about Indra Regent is its location and shopping convenience. Apart from the free delivery service to Indra Regent Hotel for your shopping bags, each floor is also equipped with its own weighing scale to guide travellers on their baggage weight for their flight back home. I also liked their dining area for breakfast and their wide selection of dishes. Apart from these two, I think that Indra Regent Hotel is too expensive for the overall quality of experience they're offering. There may be options around the area that offer better value for my money. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the second photo. It's a beautiful night shot cityscape...

escape said...

nice view indeed from your room. you travel so often.

i think traveling is bangkok is quite easy maybe because the people are used to guide tourists.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. mitz, someone loves the second photo!! hehehe.. wow!!!!

Unknown said...

@dodongflores & dong: thanks! it was taken by my friend victor landeta with his canon DSLR :)

kegler747 said...

Might consider this hotel in my next Bangkok visit... pero sana buksan muna nila ang airport, hehehe :)


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