How to Redeem PAL Mabuhay Miles

Here's a quick guide on how to redeem PAL Mabuhay Miles for extra flights:

1. Complete the Mabuhay Miles travel award redemption form. You could download a copy from the Mabuhay Miles website. For quick reference, here's a link the Mabuhay Miles redemption form for you.
2. Bring your Mabuhay Miles membership card, photocopy of a valid ID with photo and signature of Mabuhay Miles member, and photocopy of passport for international travel. Make sure you have these documents on hand to avoid the hassle of searching for a photocopier when the PAL customer service representative asks for them.
3. If you plan to have someone redeem for you, make sure you have a letter of authorization and a photocopy of your representative's valid ID with photo and signature.

Redeeming Mabuhay Miles may sound so attractive since you're paying practically nothing for the flight. This may be true for the time when Cebu Pacific was not in the picture yet. Before, I could redeem my Mabuhay Miles and fly to Manila from Cebu for Php900 only. That time, the taxes and fuel surcharges weren't too bloated yet.

Make sure you check for the best rates when redeeming your precious Mabuhay Miles. I accompanied my friend one time to inquire about a possible Cebu-Manila award ticket redemption from Mabuhay Miles, but we quickly found out that a Mabuhay Miles award ticket costs around as much as a normal flight from Cebu Pacific. The PAL representative told us we had to pay Php4,000 for fuel surcharges and fees to redeem an award ticket from Mabuhay Miles. A Cebu Pacific flight costs around Php2,000 per way as well. It just goes to show the Mabuhay Miles offerings are not as lucrative as before.

If you really want to redeem those Mabuhay Miles since they're expiring anyway, make sure you book early. The seats that they offer for this are very limited, and they require you to book at least 10 days in advance. The best way to go for the best deal is scouting for the lowest price in the market. The local airlines are competing heavily for the share of the market, so better check who's offering the best deal on your travel date.

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Anonymous said...

i just claimed my free miles here in HK and they aske me to pay 150HKD for it. indeed, its not really FREE.


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