Great Food at Bohol Bee Farm

In my last blog entry, I shared with you guys pics from my Bohol Bee Farm visit. Let me treat you now to a short guide to Bohol Bee Farm's food selections. 

Dishes at the Bohol Bee Farm are prepared with great care and attention to detail. They use the best organic ingredients, and most of them are cultivated from their own farm. Guests are treated to a wide selection of uniquely Bohol Bee Farm dishes. They have everything from soups, salads, pasta, pizza, meat, seafood, sandwiches, sweets and even a kiddie menu for the little ones.

On our first visit, my friend and I ordered a few dishes. For our appetizer, we got Bohol Bee Farms delicious camote bread with herb, mango and honey spreads. The camote bread is soft and it has the slightest hint of sweet taste to it. The camote bread was good, but what we particularly loved were the spreads which brought a unique taste for every bite of camote bread. The best pick for me is the mango spread. It wasn't too sweet and its taste would make anyone come back for more. This appetizer is definitely a must-try for any Bohol Bee Farm guest.

Bohol Bee Farm camote bread

My friend got the Vegetarian Pasta (Php180). It's spaghetti mixed with assorted organic herbs and vegetables. The serving is very generous. We could hardly finish the single serving that they gave us. 

bohol bee farm pasta

For the main course, I got a Grilled Marlin (Php240). It came with organic garden salad on the side and organic red rice with broiled camote. The sauce that they provide is not plain toyo. It really complements the grilled marlin perfectly. For their organic salad, you are invited to try out the organic flowers. Yes, you can also eat flowers and it makes the salad dish very colorful. Aside from the usual mix of greens and vegetables, you are treated to new organic ingredients which paint your salad with yellow, blue and pink hues! Don't be intimidated by the unique ingredients. These flowers just taste a lot like leafy greens.

bohol bee farm marlin

I cannot fully describe how heavenly all the dishes at Bohol Bee Farm tasted. It's best that you better experience it for yourself. Head to Bohol Bee Farm the next time you visit Bohol.

Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao, Bohol

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GingGoy said...

nice. i will include this in my list should i return there

Anonymous said...

hahaii na gutom tuloy ako. Kalami sa food (delicious!)

Enjoy your weekend,


Anonymous said...

I have been to Bohol several times already but I haven't visited Bohol Bee Farm although I've been hearing nice things about it. Thanks for sharing. I'll go here next time.

escape said...

astig ang vegetarian pasta! pero mas masarap sigurado ang grilled fish para sa akin.

Unknown said...

@tutubi. glad you like the post! i've been to bohol a lot of times before, but i only got to visit bohol bee farm recently. i'd definitely go back there again. :)

Unknown said...

@anah: lami jud ang food didto! hope you enjoyed your weekend as well :)

Unknown said...

@dyosa: it was my first time there to after countless visits in bohol! im glad i paid that place a visit. i had a great experience. will definitely visit again :)

Unknown said...

@the dong: yup masarap talaga yung grilled marlin. naubos ko kahit di ako malakas kumain. :p

Anonymous said...

Very colorful naman itong dish na ito, ang sarap! ;)


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