Globe Visibility

Has anyone else tried Globe Visibility? For travellers on the go, it would really be nice if an Internet connection is readily available. This would also greatly aid business travellers like me. Our company issued us Globe Visibility devices so they could reach us anywhere, anytime. We had to say goodbye to those excuses on how we cannot check our emails. Boo.

Globe Visibility is marketed as a device which lets you connect to the Internet whereever there's a Globe signal. Sounds promising, eh? Unfortunately, I haven't enjoyed the benefits this product has promised to offer.

Here's my experience so far:
  1. Globe signal is strong, but it's hard to connect. It seems like the Globe Visibility device cannot be detected properly by my laptop. 
  2. When I do get to connect successfully (yehey!), the connection disappears 10 minutes later.
  3. On why the Globe Visibility device cannot be detected, I'm not really sure if it has to do anything with my USB ports. However, 3/3 failed USB ports are unusual.
I do hope this technology will get better in time. I hope a Globe service personnel reads this post, and actually take this review to heart.

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