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If you like traveling on a budget, it's important that you choose the best travel agent for you. I'm not a big fan of travel agencies for my trips because I like doing things on my own, and I like scouting the Internet for best travel deals.

When I went abroad for the first time on my own, I asked a friend for advice on the best travel agent for hotel reservations online. He recommended Precision Reservations, and since then I've been using their service for most of my trips abroad. They've relaunched their site to the name Agoda, and here are the top reasons why I consider them the best travel agent on the net:
  • Great travel deals. Agoda Reservations have a lot of partner hotels worldwide. When I compare their rates to other travel agents, online hotel deals, and even the host hotel site itself, Agoda rates are definitely competitive and cheap. Agoda may not be always perfect in sealing the cheapest deal 100% of the time, but the hit rate is definitely high.
  • 24/7 Customer Service. They're the only site I've seen so far that offers excellent customer service online for its potential customers. You can chat with a travel agent anytime, and they're always polite when they assist you. They would entertain all your travel needs, and they will complete the booking transaction for you as well. You could actually ask them specific questions like the size of the room, hotel rules, and more. You can also enumerate all your hotel requests when you make the booking, and Agoda will arrange them for you. The service makes me feel like I was actually talking to a real person, and this is a huge plus over most Internet booking sites. I can actually secure my hotel booking instantly and hassle-free. This service alone makes them climb up my list on the best travel agent on the web.
  • Comprehensive travel reviews. Agoda gives incentives for their members when they give reviews on the hotels they stayed in. The reviews are very useful and comprehensive. It really gives anyone a good preview of what the hotel is like. I rely on this to choose the best hotels for my destination, and so far Agoda has delivered me good results.
  • Agoda actually gives a refund! I really appreciate that Agoda is a very honest and transparent with their business transactions. This is another big reason why they're the best travel agent in my book. When I went to Thailand and arranged for an extra bed online, my companions and I weren't able to use it when we got to the place. I even forgot that I actually paid for an extra bed. Barely a month later after completing my trip, I received good news from the credit card company. Agoda actually refunded me for the amount that I paid for the unused extra bed. Amazing!
  • A loyalty program that delivers big discounts. Agoda gives its members points for every booking made through them. I don't really believe in loyalty programs done through point system, but Agoda really delivers the good benefits promised on its site. They advertise that they give 4-7% rewards savings, but I feel the total package that they offer is worth so much more. With a couple of bookings made through Agoda, I was able to save $60 from my hotel bill because of the points redeemed from Agoda's loyalty program. Given the right timing and a good number of required points, members could actually stay in Agoda's partner hotels for free. 
Agoda really makes it their business to reward their customers for being loyal to them. There may be a lot of companies doing this, but Agoda edges out from all of them by making sure that their customers avail the rewards they deserve. They have very good programs to entice their customers to avail of their service again and again. Since I've used Agoda, I've never looked back and I've been loyal ever since. 

Here's a post on my review of one of the hotels I booked through Agoda, Bangkok's Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment. 

I invite you to try out Agoda Reservations for your hotel needs in your next trip. I hope you'll have a great experience with them as well.
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escape said...

wow! thanks for the recommendation. ill take note of this.

Unknown said...

you're welcome dong :)

Mai da Paypay said...

ay mitz! me neither! i only talk to travel agencies when i'm not paying for the trip. haha! :-)

kegler747 said...

I booked with Agoda about 3x already, but my favorite online travel site is Asiatravel ;)

Unknown said...

@kegler747: i have yet to try Asiatravel. will check them out on my next trip. :)


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