Pasalubong - Cebuano Food Delicacies

Filipinos are very fond of pasalubong. A quick search over at Wikipedia reveals that it's usually a gift from a traveller returning from a trip. It's a token used to symbolize that loved ones left at home are being remembered by the one who travelled. 

For those who plan to go to Cebu, here's a list of the items you could buy for pasalubong and a guide to where you could find them. For food items, here's a quick list:

  • Lechon (roasted pig). Though this can be found anywhere in the Philippines, people say that Cebu lechon tastes different from the rest of the country. Filipino tourists really look for it when they come to Cebu so they could take it home to their families. The most convenient place to buy lechon is at CNT Lechon, found at North Reclamation Area across SM City. They also have a branch at Ayala Center Cebu. You could buy per kilo and have them wrap it in a box, so you could easily bring it with you on your trip back home. 
  • Danggit (dried fish). This is available in pasalubong centers at the malls, but you could find this cheap over at Taboan Market. There are market stalls along the road that sell various kinds of danggit. These aren't wrapped in packs yet, so you could choose for yourself the best ones in the lot.
  • Dried Mangoes. Ripe mangoes are sun-dried for sweet snacks and dessert. They are usually available at the supermarkets. Since most are locally produced, Cebu's dried mangoes are the cheapest in the country. Good brands include Cebu's Best and R&M Dried Mangoes.

  • Otap. This is an oval-shaped pastry that originated in Cebu. Most famous brand is Shamrock, and you could buy them at their branches near Fuente Osmena and near Cebu Cathedral Church. 
  • Rosquillos. Flower-shaped cookies first invented in Liloan by Titay's. These are widely available in the supermarkets now. The original branch of Titay's is located about an hour away from the city, so it would be good to head over to a nearby supermarket for this one.

  • Chicharon. Thanks to Tutubi, I get to add this to the list. The best chicaron in Cebu could be found in the southern province of Carcar, located an hour away from Cebu. If you don't get to pass by that area though, you could scout the nearest supermarkets for different kinds of packed chicharon available. 
These pasalubong items are available at the airport, though they are more expensive. It's best to take time to buy these when you're in the city. 

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Mai da Paypay said...

grabe mitz, i love love love dried mangoes, otap and rosquillos! gaaaaaahhh!!! i can't wait to get my hands on a huge pack of rosquillos! okay gotta go visit the grocery for rosquillos na...evil evil!

Unknown said...

i'll buy those for you the next time i visit manila. hehe :)

Mai da Paypay said...

wooooowwww thanks!!! come visit na soon!

GingGoy said...

so i got to take them all home the last time i was there. I took pictures but have yet to post them all. wala dyan yung chicharon :P

Unknown said...

hey tutubi! yeah i did miss chicaron :) thanks for the suggestion. i'll add it to the list!


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