Mini Shabu-Shabu at Bonifacio High Street

Last week, I was in Manila and I decided to try out Mini Shabu-Shabu at the Fort with my friends. I'm not really fond of shabu-shabu, but I'm always eager to try new restaurants anyway. At 7pm on a Tuesday night, the restaurant was full of people. Their tables had pots for each of the diner, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their meal. There were huge artworks on the wall depicting Asian characters. These gave an artsy touch to the place.

The menu was certainly not budget. The cheapest shabu-shabu meal for one came at a price of Php270. There were four of us, and each of us ordered different kinds of shabu-shabu meals. I had the seafood selection. It came with shrimps, fish, squid and more for Php400. The guys chose the carnivore selection. They opted for fatty beef (Php270) and all beef (Php400). Each meal came with its own set of vegetables, noodles, spices and sauce. 

You're free to create your meal according to your taste preferences. For a newbie like me, the staff were kind enough to guide me through the shabu-shabu process. First you need to put flavor into your broth by putting in garlic and some chili. You also put half of the spices into your sauce to add more flavor to it. When the soup starts to heat up, you can add your ingredients one by one and wait until it's cooked. 

All in all, my experience in Mini Shabu Shabu was not bad. I guess the place would be more suited to those who like to cook and those who really like Asian food. More than the place and the food, one thing I'd really like to give credit to in this entry is the staff's great customer service. I left my wallet at the restaurant and found out about it when I got to the hotel. I called the restaurant to check if they found it, and they immediately confirmed it by asking for my name. They were about to close that time, and they asked if I could come back for it the next day. Unfortunately, I will be in Laguna early in the morning the next day so I had a friend go over and get it. The restaurant staff were very accomodating and courteous. They were very honest, too. I got my wallet with all the contents intact. Kudos to the Mini Shabu-Shabu staff! 


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Mai da Paypay said...

i love shabu-shabu mitz! pero i haven't tried the one in bonifacio high street yet. there's also a new nice restoplace there called the stock market. they have reasonably-priced sosi food :-P

Unknown said...

hi mai! i haven't been to the stock market. interesting name! i'll try to visit that the next time i'll be in manila. :)

krisha said...

i also tried the shabu shabu at high street. i do enjoy the food and the service of the crew.


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