Learn Basic Thai Phrases

Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in Asia. On my last visit there, I got to learn basic Thai phrases which helped me a lot in interacting with the Thais. They're really very friendly and accommodating. Even if most of them cannot speak English, they will always greet you with a warm smile.

When we got a massage at Wat Po temple where the famous Thai massage originated, the girls who attended to us taught us Thai patiently. As we were getting our massages, we filled the room with laughter as we tried to speak Thai in their local accent.

Here are some of the phrases that we picked up, taught by the girls at the massage school and the staff at Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment, where we stayed.

Basic Phrases
Hello Sa-wat-di
How are you? Khun-sa-bai-di-ru
I'm fine Sa-bai-di
I am going to... Chan-ja pai
I'm sorry Chan-sia-jai
Please Garuna
Sorry/Excuse me Khor-thot
Yes Chai
No Mai-chai
Very good Di-mak
Not good Mai-di
Thank you Khop-khun

Rice Khao
Water Nam

Shopping and Numbers
How much is this? Ra-kha-thao-rai
Too much Mak-pai
Too expensive Paeng-pai

1 Nueng, 2 Song, 3 Sam, 4 Si, 5 Ha, 6 Hok, 7 Chet, 8 Paet, 9 Kao, 10 Sip

While we were there, we also discovered that the Thais have different ways of saying these phrases to the males and females, depending on who you're talking to. When you say thank you to a male, for example, you say "Khop-khun-krap". When you're talking to a female, you say "Khop-khun-ka" with emphasis on the last syllable. The difference is usually on the last word only (krap/ka).

I hope you find these phrases useful the next time you travel to Thailand.

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Mai da Paypay said...

what are the odds that males get to have the word "krap"/crap? :-P

Unknown said...

thai women are smart :p


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