Kitchen Greenbelt

Whenever I go to Manila, I try to visit my favorite restaurants. Most of these are the places I go to when I lived near Greenbelt, Makati a few years ago. On my last Manila visit, I was very happy that I was able to convince my team mates to dine at Kitchen Greenbelt.

Kitchen Greenbelt

Kitchen is located on the ground floor of Greenbelt 3, right beside Seattle's Best. Once you enter the restaurant, the ambiance is warm and lively. In lieu of numerous small tables, Kitchen gave way to a couple of long tables where groups could gather and talk. The lights above match the shape of the tables, wrapped with a trendy pink swirl design. From the dining area, one could see the kitchen nearby where staff could easily be seen preparing the meals.

The food in Kitchen is absolutely GREAT! They have unique selections that differentiate them from the rest of the industry. They give interesting names for their dishes, too. Take these appetizers, for example:

Kitchen Greenbelt Wrapped and Ready

Wrapped and Ready (Php125). Shrimp wrapped in a roll and deep fried with turnips, mushrooms and vermicelli noodles with 2 sauces: spicy and sweet

Kitchen Greenbelt Bread Winner

Bread Winner (Php125). Satisfying do-it-yourself bruschette made of Crostinni bread, stewed tomato, cheese, pasto and sauteed mushrooms

Kitchen Greenbelt Green Minded

Green Minded (Php165). Fresh romaine,loilo rosss, red wine and green grapes, white cheese, nuts, pomelo in balsamic dressing

For main courses, we tried these:

Kitchen Greenbelt On Barbies Cue

On Barbie's Cue (Php190). A combination of meat and seafood kebab

Kitchen Greenbelt Cure All

Cure All (Php190). Marinate Korean beef

Kitchen Greenbelt Sword In

Sword In (Php220). Pan-fried prawns with crab fat sauce

Aside from the rice selections, they also have a couple of pasta dishes available. Here are two of the pasta dishes that they offer:

Kitchen Greenbelt Under The Sun

Under The Sun (Php195). Seafood combination with chili cream sauce

Kitchen Greenbelt Clamming Up

Clamming Up (Php130). Spaghetti with sauteed clams, white wine, Asian shrimp pesto. a dish that will make people stop talking and start eating

After all these delicious selections, we did not have room for any dessert. Oh well. It's a good excuse to come back for another visit.

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Anonymous said...

I've tried to dine at this restaurant as well. We had the egg-on, pork barrel, belly flop and sirloin swirloin. I remember their oversize plates. Big servings.

Unknown said...

yeah, i remember the big plates! and the big utensils as well :) kitchen really offers a unique dining experience for its guests.

Anonymous said...

kitchen is a really great place to dine and be with friends :) hehehe.. the oversize utensils is so cute and yup the serving is big :)

Mai da Paypay said...

I love Kitchen too! branch closest to us is the one in galleria.

i haven't had dinner yet and looking at the pictures made my tummy growl.

don't forget the water pitcher with mint leaves...nice touch!

Unknown said...

haha this is such a picture-happy post mai. we're a big group when we went there last time, and i had fun taking pics of the numerous dishes that we ordered. yup, the water with the mint is indeed nice! :)


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