Bangkok - Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment

For most of my travel trips abroad, I'm usually the one who scouts for great hotel deals. I don't know why I'm always appointed this task, but it's probably because no one else takes the initiative. As the trip comes nearer, I get anxious that we might not be able to book good hotels so I go ahead and book them myself.

Here's a travel tip: Book hotels early for your travel dates. Most of them have big discounts for early birds.

For hotel reservations, I usually use Agoda.com. They have great rates, though you really have to check all the sites. What I like about Agoda is that they have 24/7 chat service, wherein you can chat with a travel agent anytime for your queries. They can also book the hotel for you with your preferences (non-smoking, twin bed, etc.). I'll reserve the rest of my praises for Agoda in another entry.

I went to Bangkok for the second time last July 2008, and I got to book this great apartment called Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment. When you're looking for hotel deals, make sure also that you take a look at the serviced apartments. They have the amenities found in your usual hotel, and since not many people scout for them they give the best value for your money too. One such apartment is Abloom.

I got for us two 2-bedroom apartments, and two studio rooms. When we arrived at Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment, it was near midnight since we took an 9pm flight from Cebu Pacific. The guy at the reception received our big group warmly. After all the checkin requirements, we were happy to see rooms that were so inviting to sleep in. The 2-bedroom had a very big living area, complete with a small kitchen. They had flat screen TVs with DVD, and free WIFI for your use.

The rooms were spacious, and I liked their interior. It's minimalist, neat and polished. It was a great place to call home for three days. It didn't take long for us to tuck ourselves in bed after our 3-hour flight.

Other Amenities
There's free breakfast on their second floor cafe. They have a small buffet, and you get to choose from their breakfast selections as well. They also have a gym and swimming pool for exercise-happy tourists.

Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment is located at Pratunam/Siam area, and you have to go to a small street to get to their main entrance. It's near Sanam Pao train station, and the hotel offers a free tuk-tuk ride to the station. If you'd rather walk, you could exit through a small gate near their parking area to take a 5-minute walk to Sanam Pao train station. Their staff will politely escort you through the small street to make sure you find your way.

To make sure you don't get lost on your way to the hotel, make sure that they print you a map for your reference. If it's your first time, you could have them email it to you.

Price Range
At that time, we found a good deal at Agoda so we only had to pay a little over Php1,000 per person per night. Rates vary depending on what time you stay, so check the many Internet sites for the best deal. If you're comfortable with the price, I assure you you'd get good value for your money.

Abloom Executive Serviced Apartment
(formerly Arasia Luecha Park Hotel)
29 Phahonyothin Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mitz, I haven't tried staying in a service apartment. But now, I might consider this. Thanks for sharing my friend. :)

Btw, thanks for the visit and sure we can exchange links. Just let me know if you've added me and I'll reciprocate. ;)

Unknown said...

hi! i added your link already :) thank you so much. i'm looking forward to reading more about your travel experiences.

Mai da Paypay said...

wow! very nice entry. i now know where to stay when we go to thailand and we're paying for the hotel :-)

Anonymous said...

nice place to stay for a vacation :) Been planning on going there since last year but I still don't have enough time for it wahhh..

thanks for visiting my site And yup, Ilongga :) From Bacolod and you?

GingGoy said...

looks like a place i can sleep all day...already linked you up :P

Unknown said...

hi lagawan! i'm from cebu, but i stayed in iloilo for 4 years. i know how to speak ilonggo too. :)

Unknown said...

thank you so much tutubi!

Anonymous said...

Hope I have chance to be there :)
Nice post !

Dinh Trung

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