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I'm currently at a retreat (sshh!) and connected on a Globe Visibility port. I have full signal and connecting was easy, but the connection's not that fast. I found it hard to upload my pics via Flickr. A picture-free post will have to do for now.

For those of you who find yourselves in a place where Cebuano/Bisaya is the main dialect, here are a few phrases that you could use:

Good morning - Maayong buntag
Good afternoon - Maayong hapon
Good evening - Maayong gabii

What's your name? - Unsa imong pangalan?
My name is/I'm.. - Ang akong pangalan kay/Ako si
Where are you from? - Taga-asa man ka?

How do I get to... - Unsaon pag-adto sa...
What is... - Unsa ang...
Where is... - Asa ang...
I'd like to go to... - Ganahan ko muadto sa...
Let's go to... - Adto ta sa

How much? - Tagpila ni?
Give me discount - Pahangyoa ko
Expensive - Mahal
Cheap - Barato

Beautiful - Gwapa
Handsome - Gwapo
Ugly - Bati
Nice - Nindot

Most Cebuanos could understand Tagalog and English. They'll listen to what you're saying in either language, but most of the time they'll respond to you in their native dialect. If they have to choose between Tagalog and English, they'd use the latter. There's something about the Cebuano accent that makes it hard for them to switch to Tagalog. If you really want to know the real Cebuano/Cebuana, then try speaking to them in their dialect. If you need more Cebuano phrases, just drop a comment and I'll try to translate for you. :)

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Philippines Web Design said...

realy cool blog! Thanks for the translations..i will use these..excelent post!

Unknown said...

thanks! :) glad to be of help.


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