Cebu Pacific Customer Hotline Horror

I'm currently on the phone with yet another Cebu Pacific customer service agent. This has been my 5th call for the last 30 minutes. My concern is simple. I just wanted to rebook my Cebu-Bangkok-Cebu flight to a later date, since I wasn't able to use my original ticket because they rerouted the total flight.

The first customer service agent I spoke with was okay. She was attentive and had great attention to detail. She was able to guide me through the process efficiently. Never mind that she was the one who told me that apparently they only had a 30-day allowance to rebook an old flight to get waived fees. She was also the one who told me that I cannot rebook my flight to a promo rate, and that I had to pay for the fare difference. She almost completed the transaction, except for one tiny detail. Cebu Pacific records show that I BOARDED the plane when I didn't even use the ticket at all! She then told me that she will fix it, and that I need to call again after a few hours to confirm everything. I told her that she could call me herself, but apparently they were not authorized to call their clients. Their clients have to call them back.

Three hours later, and I called their hotline again expecting to hear positive news that my rebooking was successful. The second agent I talked to for this day had no clue with what happened. I tried to explain to her everything that progressed, but she couldn't understand me. I dropped the call since I thought I was wasting my time talking to someone who seems to have no idea what she was going to do with my concern.

Let's move on to Agent #3. This one was smarter. She understood what I told her. One thing missing though is that their system had no record of my previous calls with the hotline. She had to guide me through the process AGAIN, asking me what dates I preferred, if I had used my old ticket, and more. For this call, the line got cut so I called the hotline again. This time, I spoke to Agent #4. Again, this agent had no idea what had transpired and she asked me the same questions all over again.

To make this story short, Cebu Pacific has no infrastructure of tracking the progress of their customers' concerns. To complete your transaction, you have to speak to one customer service agent alone or else you risk having to listen to yourself repeat your concern to different agents over and over again. There goes another Cebu Pacific horror.

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Mai da Paypay said...

gosh, i feel you! that's why i would rather converse in bits and bytes (otherwise known as online booking hehehe). frustrating most of the time to talk to CS officers. pero i try to be nice pa rin since i know na most of the time, i'm sure they're already very exhausted


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