ABS-CBN's My Girl Ends

Last Friday, the last episode of ABS-CBN's My Girl aired. The soap starred Philippine tinseltown's current hottest love team Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. I'm not really an avid watcher of Philippine tv soaps, but this one's an exception. When I first saw their episodes, I thought the show was merely a copycat of Korean tv shows. As My Girl progressed, however, Kim Chiu learned to tackle the role effortlessly that she managed to capture my interest along the way.

Her chemistry with Gerald is undeniable. They definitely look good together, and they totally got the young-people-hopelessly-in-love angle. A nice bonus was Jasmine's (Kim Chiu's character) outfits. She could carry the latest fashion trends well. As for Julian (Gerald Anderson), I didn't quite understand why he had to wear suits all the time. Of course, he had to emulate a rich and handsome businessman but really, was there a need to show that off in corporate suits in humid Manila? Good thing in the latter part of the show, his stylist was able to dress him up in more comfortable clothes.

The supporting cast of Kim and Gerald were a welcome addition. Jasmine's best friend, in particular, added a good kind of humor to the story playing the loyal, fun and dependable friend. Julian's grandfather, a veteran actor, also added enough drama to make the story more interesting.

All in all, this show was definitely one of the best this season. It's a good thing that ABS-CBN resisted the urge to drag the story until the ratings start to dip, which is the tendency of the networks here when ratings are at an all-time high. One thing on their last episode that I couldn't quite relate to is that why they really had to squeeze in a wedding when they could have ended the story with a happy reunion anyway. Maybe Filipinos really like seeing endings at the altar, and that's probably why they had to fast forward the story to Julian and Jasmine's wedding. I hope there'll be more shows like this in the future. This is definitely a fresh break from all that drama and senti shows that we've had for decades.

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