5 Tips to Travel in Style

Admit it, there's a camwhore in all of us. With modern technology making it easy to take and upload photos like a snap, anyone on vacation could share the best highlights of his trip even while still on it.

Whenever I go on trips, I make it a point to take good photos and try my best to look good in them. I spend so much to go on that vacation, I might as well make the best out of it by taking stellar photos to document my memory of that place. If you agree with me on that aspect, then let me share with you personal tips on how to travel in style when you go on that next vacation. :)

  1. Check the weather in your travel destination. Before you start packing, please do care to check the weather to know which type of clothes to bring. Is it sunny? Is it raining? Is it SNOWING? We all know seasons change, but with global warming effects these days the seasons have gone haywire. It only takes a few minutes to check those weather reports anyway.

  2. Travel light. To achieve 100% style status, the tendency of most people is to practically bring their entire closet with them. I entirely disagree. If you bring too much baggage from home, you might barely have enough space for new items from your shopping trip abroad. Bring just enough clothes for the trip duration, with an extra set for a day or two. For girls, I'd recommend that you pack dresses for your trip. Usually when I travel, I wear jeans on the day of my flights and dresses in between. It doesn't take a genius to compute that dresses take up less space in your luggage. Dress = 1 item, Shirt and jeans ensemble = 2 items.

  3. Choose a color theme for the trip. This would be useful in planning what shoes and accessories to bring. To avoid bringing a lot, make sure that you could easily mix and match your clothes with your fashion accessories. When my friends and I went to Shanghai recently, we were amazed that the outfits we brought more or less matched! Not that we're vain, but we do take delight in taking nice group photos for our vacation. Our morning from the hotel usually begins with a test shot to see what we'd look like for the day. See the difference from this:

    to THIS!

  4. Bring an extra bag. If you plan to go mega-shopping at your travel destination, bring an extra bag to store your new purchases. Aside from this, girls could bring a chic evening bag to use for night outs around the city. For guys, a small messenger bag would be useful to store your travel gadgets and important docs (passports, ticket, etc.).
  5. Lastly, bring only clothes that you're comfortable in! I always say this to my friends who feel that they don't measure up to the current fashion trends. You don't need to care about what others think about what you're wearing. If you feel comfortable in it, then strut your personal style and go! No need to follow fashion trends. Wear the clothes that define YOU.

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