Island Destinations - Nalusuan Island

I've been a resident of Cebu, Philippines for so many years but I only got to know this island recently. I'm glad I got to visit, or else I wouldn't be able to realize that there are so many travel treasures around that's actually just within my reach. This island is only 30 minutes away from Mactan, Cebu by ferry.

How To Get There

The island is so small, and there's only one resort on it. You need to arrange with them to have a ferry take you to the island. They have their own port in Mactan, and they will arrange the boat for you. You could choose to take a day trip or sleep overnight at their resort. They have a couple of cottages available for guests, and in the morning you'll have a view of the sea just like this:

This was taken from our room's balcony. When you wake up in the morning, you could go outside and see the pristine waters enveloping the island. Sometimes you even get to see fishes swimming around as you look down from your balcony.

Things To Do in Nalusuan

They have lots of water sports available. You could go kayaking, banana boat riding, snorkeling and diving among others. You could also choose to arrange for a boat to take you to nearby islands. They have their own dive shop to assist you with your needs. You could rent the gear that you need from there.

I have yet to learn diving, so I had to be content with exploring the waters through snorkeling and fish feeding. I made sure that I got to save some bread the day before for this event, and the effort was well worth it. Thanks to a friend's underwater camera, the moment was captured well:

I guess the fish there at Nalusuan are already very tourist-friendly. They don't shy away from humans when approached. In fact, when you swim in the water they surprise you by swimming around you! Try bringing bread with you, and they'll eat it right off the tips of your fingers.
For those who are more risk averse, Nalusuan has a sea pool where you could find various kinds of sea creatures taken care of by the local staff. They have fishes, turtles and even small sharks in that pool. Don't be tempted to dive in though. It's actually not allowed. You could enjoy the view from the poolside. The fishes are very eager to welcome you anyway.

For more details on the island, please see below:
Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary
Address: Olango Reef, Cordova, Mactan, Cebu Philippines
Telefax: +63322317143, +63324128352

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xxxx said...

nice! how much did you spend for the whole trip?

Unknown said...

hey beej. we went there for a company conference. :) i think day trip costs about 700 per person, as far as i know. room rates ata mga 2500-3000 a night :)


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